Thursday, March 17, 2011

Study Says: Men Prefer Shemales

This isn't my article, but the original source is unclear to me. I've put in bold some of the information that stands out to me, and tried to leave out some of the authors politically incorrect extrapolations. It was published based on internet statistic information in 2009, and pleases me a great deal. There are some aspects that might rub people the wrong way, but the data is irrefutable:

You'd rather get off to me than to your girlfriend. ^_^

Now if we can only work on your comfort dating shemales, we'd be all set, and you'd be free from those nagging conversations and inability to be allowed to play video games or nap.

On with the show:

“Whether they want to admit it or not, the numbers on the web show us that there’s definite interest,” says Alex Ladd, co-owner and head of production for In an interview with adult-industry newssource, Ladd couched the trend in the language of his trade: “Straight men want trannies.”

Research gathered from more than a dozen major sources – including Alexa, Google and Internet World Stats – reveals that nearly 190 million heterosexual men are attracted to transsexual women and actively seek romantic contact with or sexually explicit images of them annually.

“The Internet really has made the whole thing more popular in the last few years,” says Steven Gallon , owner of Grooby Productions, one of the first transsexual sites launched a decade ago. “You’re now seeing [transsexuals] in mainstream advertising and on TV shows. That and the Internet have made it [socially acceptable for transsexuals] to be out there on display.”

Such displays come as no surprise to Hollywood darling Seth Rogen, star of such films as Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Observe & Report. “One thing I’ve learned through various mainstream sex sites is that way more guys are into transsexual porn than one would like to think,” Rogan told Maxim last October. “I feel like it’s the elephant in America’s room: the secret love of transsexual porno.”

Interest in “transsexual” topics has risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years. Combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent in the past 90 days alone. Straight male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually – not including traffic counts from the other 300+ transs sites already online.

Size Matters: The Global Trans Market
Secret or not, the phenomenon is not an exclusively American one. Although comprised predominately of single, middle-class residents of the US, UK, Australia and Canada, these transsexual “admirers,” as they’re called, can also be found in major metropolitan cities throughout South America, Europe and Asia.

According to the latest Internet statistics, interest in “transsexual” topics has risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years, and interest in “transsexual dating” has surged more than 400 percent. In the past 90 days alone, combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent. While some crossover invariably exists, heterosexual male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually. And this figure doesn’t include traffic counts from the additional 300+ transsexual sites already in existence or from new ones being created by mainstream giants like Hustler.

But it’s the “heterosexual male” descriptor that continues to baffle many observers – or so they claim. Might they, too, be harboring a “ trans-secret?” Gallon thinks they might be: “The majority of customers [who purchase transsexual porn] are straight men.” In fact, Gallon says , “[transsexual content generates] practically no response in the gay market at all. I don’t even bother to promote it to the gay market, because it would be a waste of money.” Not only are most of his customers heterosexual men, Gallon says, “some are movie stars, rock stars and sports figures” – guys most would consider “heterosexual role models."

“Men who buy our porn do NOT buy gay porn,” says Wendy Williams, AVN 2009 Transsexual Performer of the Year. “I have dealt with many admirers of transsexuals, and the large majority identify themselves as straight. They are attracted to the feminine appearance – long hair, breasts, smooth skin, hips and ass.” So to all you adult-videostore managers out there who place transsexual titles alongside gay ones, Keith Webb of gay powerhouse Titan Media has some friendly professional advice: “Get it the hell out!”

“Let me tell you, it’s not gay,” agrees Keith Webb , co-owner and vice president of gay powerhouse Titan Media. “Gay men do not want to watch [transsexual women]. It’s straight men who want to watch it.” And to all those adult-videostore managers out there who place transsexual titles alongside gay ones, Webb has some friendly advice: “Get it the hell out!”

The Trans-Cash Caravan: “Outselling Everything ”

According to Ladd, transsexual content has become a “really hip and viable source of income over the last two to three years. … Major production companies have jumped on the [transsexual] bandwagon, including Vivid, Anabolic, Caballero, Metro Interactive and Red Light District, to name a few.”

One of the caravan’s newest members, David K of PimpRoll hitched up his wagon only this month. In a recentinterview with reporter Stephen Yagielowicz, K revealed that, while his company considered launching each of its seven new transsexual websites “on a longer time frame, the [transsexual] niche is so hot right now that we have decided to go for maximum impact all at once.”

For some in the biz, transsexual material is now outpacing mainstream material in both overall sales and market growth. Even traditional print-media behemoths Penthouse and Hustler have begun to spotlight transsexual women in full-blown features. Not to be outdone online, Hustler announced as recently as June 2009 the creation of its first transsexual-only adult website, even as more traditional outlets continue to increase their coverage of the, uhm, “less-revealing” side of transsexualism. Google Analytics reveals that, of the nearly 30,000 transsexual-related news stories published in the mainstream media over the past 45 years, more than half (15,100) have surfaced in the past five years alone.


  1. Absolutely fascinating! I expect as news of this spreads, we'll hear lots of half-baked pop-psychology about WHY straight men love transexuals.

  2. Hi Vickie,
    I am a man who considers himself straight, but loves TS. And I don't mean porn, but sex with them.
    Usually TS are fare more femenine than many women and they know how to satisfy a man and otherwise. Also, there is no doubt about faking... You either come or not.
    A sexual experience with a TS is the ultimate best of both worlds, since is being with a woman and be able to bend over with the real thing...
    Physologically I find it very interesting. I wish I could reado about this...

  3. Wow. Just wow. Those are some interesting numbers! I wish we lived in a world where this stuff was a little less taboo. I'd LOVE to just be me, a sexy girl with a cock. Not tuck my cock away and hide it, but to just sport a bulge in my cute little dress. Who knows, maybe I could, I'm just not that brave.

  4. There are cultures in the world where having a little bulge is a bonus.

    In North America and some other places, we're still working on it. There are ladyboy beaches to behold. I plan on building a house there someday.

  5. I'm a straight man but I find Transwomen so exciting. From my horny male point-of-view, transsexuality is the new lesbianism. It seems like straight men shouldn't be interested in it. We've been keeping quiet about being interested in it. And we're starting to discover that others like each of us are quietly into it too. I like them to have really feminine faces and I'm attraced to slim girls. I'd love to be taken by surprise someday -- not find out until one of us gets the other home, or I've taken her out for dinner and she takes my wrist under the tablecloth and slides my hand up between her thighs and under her skirt! = )

  6. If your husband is into trans-porn, it makes you feel physically ill and unloved and unwanted. When the husband comes to have sex with his wife, he is virtually impotent from stroking himself in a death grip to trans-porn. I don't see how this can be a thing we celebrate. So-called "straight" men who want to use up all their sex drives on people with cocks should have a different terminology; they are not straight. A man should NOT marry and, after 22 years, accidentally let his wife find out that he is attracted to "something else" more than to her. It is just like cutting off a wife's sex parts and stabbing her in the heart, ruining her life forever.

  7. Generally speaking, mean in relationships resort to porn when not satisfied with their sex life with their partner. The less satisfying the sex life, the more porn that is watched. Not the other way around. Whether your partner is watching TS's, little people, BBW's or just plain big boobs, doesn't mean they need those things to be happy and its not a comment on what you are lacking. The two of you just need to work together to spice up your sex life. Men look to those things because they're new and different, but partners can discover new and different things together. Let go and have some fun with the person you love.

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