Friday, November 25, 2011

Sex Stories

I've always really enjoyed reading erotica. My first forays into sexuality and sexual imagination were on and surrounded mind control.

While the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive has taken a transphobic approach regarding content, I continue to visit because there are a lot of yummy stories there.

I have written a few stories myself. They are designed to be short snapshots of a situation that may have an earlier beginning or a later end. I have no plans to continue these stories, but they certainly are open enough to be continued.

I enjoy turning out, as I've said before, so these stories deal with the changing of a person's sexuality by a more persuasive person. A concept I find delicious.

I am including the links to the stories from Nifty's story archive. I feel Nifty's site is one of the more inclusive erotica sites out there and I want to support that. Sadly it is text without style sheet.


  1. Your writing is so wonderful Mei! I absolutely love Memory Lane! Having a man so strong and powerful that he rewrites your whole life with just his words and his cock. *shivers*

  2. Memory Lane is such a great story - you could write a whole suite of those. I would read every one! Love your work!

  3. Oh, Mei - you have some real talent! I absolutely loved Memory Lane. Not just a hot story (and a creative one) but with some lovely bits of sissy poetry:

    "After an eternity spent in the prison of heterosexuality, Jeremy has
    finally embraced the glorious cock religion Don told him he was designed

    I so love that line!

  4. I love Memory Lane, and reread it often. You should post it to Fictionmania.

  5. You might enjoy this author's work! ;)

  6. I did enjoy their stories thanks!


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