Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm really sorry for vanishing like that. I've been having a difficult time, emotionally and socially.
I still feel... off.

I want to get back in the swing of things. I don't have any pics from the gang bang. It wasn't really a gang bang it turned out to be more like regular old group sex. I suppose regular and old don't go with groupsex, but when you're looking for a gaggle of guys to gag you with cock and bukkake you, and you end up with enough guys to feed you and your friend, you basically say "Fuck, Craigslist is a shitty place to pick up random guys. These creepers just jerk off to our pics and no-show!"

So yeah, if anyone has ideas where to find guys who will show up, lemme know.

I got some birthday money from my mom and grandma. I bought the following dress.

They were aghast.


  1. Nice Dress you look great

  2. I would if I didn't have herpes!

  3. Love the dress! It looks sexy! You take all the time you need and when you feel like it, we love to read your posts and see how sexy you are becoming. If I lived near you, I'd showed up.


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