Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bigotry Online and Internationally

So it was suggested I should go to for some webcam fun. For a few hours, it was fun.

Then this guy, Swaggerific (Who doesn't have the courage to post a profile pic) comes on and immediately sets in about disclosing that I'm trans, endlessly. I mean endlessly. There was not one sentence he said that wasn't choc-full of bigot.

He'd go on with shit like, "I have trans friends, but you have to be honest with people." "Ur a man not a lady." and of course "I'm not a bigot but you have to tell people."

1. You are a shitty friend to trans people if you think its not honest to be the gender you are meant to be, the one on you live every day, and the one on your birth certificate.
2. This is a black man on an interracial site. He has learned fucking NOTHING from the historical oppression of minority groups. NOTHING.

As he became more insistent, the fat white chicks on the site, Angel420 and *B* (who didn't have the courage to put their webcams on and take their clothes off) began to set in with "He should call his profile TRANNY or something" "Lol UR a man" and so on so forth.

I'm not really all that into interracial stuff anymore but a yahoo friend recommended it as another place to to have fun on webcam. Obviously that is not true. is nothing but a bigot hive.

So yeah, that horrible website aside, there seem to be an increasing number of shitty people in the world. I feel like as we become more exposed and prevalent in the media, for positive reasons, the backlash internationally is becoming increasingly terrifying.

The UK has decided that if we do not disclose we are criminals. So what if someone rapes us? I foresee us going to jail for being raped. Watch it happen.

Greece is basically Nazi Germany, rounding up any undesirables and putting us into concentration camps. I don't see a world war to save them.

Russia. I'm not even sure what else needs to be said except the word. They are doing terrible things over there, and we really, really need to boycott the Olympics. Seriously.

So while being mobbed with transphobia on a chat site where uneducated black men try to put their penises into insecure fat white girls may not seem like a big deal, it is proof that this isn't a government thing, this is people.

People who have completely and utterly failed to learn anything from Martin Luther King Jr. or any other voice of civil or equal rights. People who chat on websites. People who eat Pringles and get high. People who have jobs and kids and go to the movies.

It makes me afraid for my daughter when people like them are alive in the world with her.

I fully expect more death threats. This is becoming normal.


  1. Miss Mei -

    I am truly sorry that you had to endure that kind of uneducated, unenlightened bigotry. One would hope that in this day and age, people would be recognizing each other as individuals, with hopes, dreams, and feelings. Instead, people wallow in hate, and dish out insults and worse from the anonymity of the internet. I'm of the mind that people like those who you had to deal with will have karma bite them in their collective asses. I ask that you know there are those of us out here who celebrate life and individuality. I've only been able to chat with you briefly, but from what I have seen and read you are a wonderful, beautiful, and remarkable woman. If you wish to chat sometime, I'm still on YIM. Take care, Miss Mei.

    T. 'Mr.Cashman'

  2. From reading your post, I don't get where the black man was uneducated because he gives an opinion. Now you may not like the opinion but that does not quantify the black man as uneducated or is that your feelings about black people in general. I find a lot of white people trying to justify their racism by quoting, of all people, Martin Luther King. Is that because you know your own white men are intolerant of you yet you get on here and talk of black men chasing fat white women as the ones being intolerant.

    I don't understand why trans people put on profiles that they are female when they are not. It doesn't bother me but I don't understand it. I would never try to "out" anyone but you get what you get on sites that cater to people wanting to satisfy their exhibitionist desires. Now it was silly of him to go on and on about it or the other fat white girls, as you call them. I get on chat sites and if I use a nick like blksissi, I notice white males will start messaging me with all the same scripts like they've never been with a black tv or they have always fantasize about being with a black tv or they immediately go into calling me a slut, which I view as them being racist. I really don't like to get into these racial discussions because they are pointless. I look at that black guy as someone who was just voicing an opinion. People do it all the time like white men messaging me with degrading statements. But I wouldn't get on here and complain about it with me being in a sex chat channel. I go thru way more bullshit as a black tv from white men than you go thru from black men.

  3. Hi Edwina, thanks for commenting. I'm not going to have a pissing match for which of us faces more oppression and which of us has more privilege. There is a huge difference between being TV (aka a man who sometimes wears women's clothes) and a trans woman and if you are not a trans woman we shouldn't have the debate.

    I doubt you are trans, because you don't seem to get it. If you think having your identity invalidated is okay because its just opinion than it smacks of someone who hasn't had to fight tooth and nail for those identification papers, for the name, to be called as you should. Even after I voiced that, said my birth certificate said female, they continued their opinion, as you call it, that none of that matters and I'm just a man, a tranny.

    Transphobia and bigotry IS opinion, really. It is when someone holds beliefs that are wrong and hurtful and uses those beliefs to hurt people. What they did was transphobic, and you are flat out defending them.

    Martin Luther King was on about civil rights, equality. The same concepts apply here. I was using that example because it is an example many people in the community respect and get them started on thinking differently. You are viewing it as something racist. Whatevs.

    You don't understand why trans people put on profiles that they are female when they are not? That's all we need to hear from you, you don't respect trans people, who we are, our struggle, and you clearly think you are worse off in this world than we are. So you are done. K thx bye bye.

  4. Being told by someone that their opinion of you is who you are is offensive. They may judge you but they can't expect you to fit into their world view just because it's their opinion.

  5. We do agree to debate this would be a waste of time


  6. Hi

    That really sucks that you had to deal with those uneducated people. I think a big problem is peoples lack of information on transgender individuals. You are probably more likely to hear in a school lesson or assembly how it's ok to gay or ok to of a coloured minority, but hardly ever, if at all, hear about how it is ok to be transgender and how not to be insulting to someone who is transgender. I bet that guys friends are more cross-dressers then transgender (even though I realize transgender can take on the form cross-dressing to help the person feel more like gender they feel they are). And with the educational system doing more cut backs then anything else, it seems like it comes to individuals to educate others, even though that probably spreads misinformation too. Anyways, I hope as time goes on, people become more educated and there are less uneducated people in the world. Also, I hope you got good news about SRS


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