Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthdays and Hot Hotel Groupsex

Hello darlings. It is/was my birthday. I find birthdays are sort of depressing for me. They signal yet another year I didn't get to live my life as a choose. I was planning on throwing a hotel hot tub tattoo party, but I don't really have many local friends. Those who were invited declined to go, so I re-branded it a gang bang.

That's right. Tomorrow I'm celebrating my 1st birthday with my 1st gang bang in a hotel room. I'm nervous and excited all at once. I'll be filming the event, so stay tuned for pics and videos. My tight little pussy is going to get wrecked, I assume.

If you're interested in attending my gang bang, please send me an email with pics to bubblepopmei at yahoo dot com. Please be aware that the gang bang is happening in Mississauga Ontario Canada, so if you aren't local.. you'll have to correct that for the next one. ^_^

I had a lot of fun last weekend in the hotel with my friend and partner in escorting crime. Wuahaha! We had hot, wild sex. I won't share pics of her, to respect her wish for privacy, but I've attached a sample of what went on.

I'd been a bit lesbian lately but that hot man straightened me out! (with his big penis). I find myself wanting to see him again. He seemed partial to the idea. Who knows what the future holds.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

CAMH Pussy Installation Appointment results

So I had my CAM-H appointment yesterday. Despite being left to wait for 45 minutes and then having the intern come up and be surprised to see me, it was alright. It turns out that the receptionist didn't come to work, and both the one person and the Dr. Brown herself didn't bother to let the intern know I was waiting. Dr. Brown even told me she would be there in a few minutes, but according to the intern, nobody contacted her, and she thought I was a no-show. What. the. fuck.

The appointment itself was fine. I got good information, provided my "real life" gender experience documents. That means they took photo copies of my newly changed ID, pics of me in various social situations, a letter from my employer stating I'm living it lady fabulous, etc.

I asked why I'd been called in only 4 weeks after my referral. I had heard it would be 1.5 years. She said I already had my 1.5 year wait, that's for intake. I did that in 2010 when my Doctor accidentally sent me there. So my appointment was a follow-up, mostly to update my file, check on my progress. My progress has been significant.

So while she couldn't say one way or the other whether I'd be approved for SRS, she did say that my case would take about 6-8 weeks. If I were to receive approval, I'd be called in during the summer for the approval follow-up, and then its up to the wait list for the Doctor. I could have a pussy by winter.

I've heard concerns from many of you that you will miss my little limpstick and that I'll lose something special about me. It certainly weighs on me. I gain a lot, though, including a continued sense of congruence with my body, and another whole for you to put your cocks. Further still, saying "eat my pussy" will have a more specifically accurate meaning.

I leave you with a photoshop I did in two minutes because my attention span sucks. Future?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CAMH Appointment Nervous

I have an appointment with CAM-H's gender identity clinic tomorrow to discuss my pussy installation. It is just an initial consult with an intern, but I'm terribly nervous.

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