Friday, December 30, 2011

Fairy Tales

While we're supporting fabulous things, check out the following video.

"I know exactly what I want and who I want to be." Marina and the Diamonds.

It brings the subject of fairy tales to mind and I love some of the fairy tale characters and find them very worthy to emulate in sexy photo shoots!

I was always drawn towards the villainess, their motives were often more honest and seemed something I can relate to rather than the heroine's perspective. Maleficient, the Evil Queen, Azula, they were flawed and human and desparate to clutch to whatever they had. They felt envy, my capital sin, and they had their thirsts for lust and wrath, the other sins I most competently practice.

Snow White and the Huntsman is going to be epic.

Ironically aside from their diva qualities and emotional instability, they bare little resemblance to me when it comes to the bedroom. I seriously doubt Maleficent gets uber submissive when she has her panties taken off and her legs lifted up as I do.

Holy crap I just typed "ladyboy sorceress" into google images and got my own caption! The internet knows all! Bow before me and let me consume your sex! I am someday become the personification of the scarlet woman wuahahahaha! Tremble as you give me your seed!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mako Pictures

I was pointed towards these fun TG movies by a dear friend.

Mako Pictures are great efforts and you can see the improvements in quality and acting in each subsequent venture. I think it is immensely important to support these sorts of ventures as they are few and far between.

My personal favourite is The Black Rabbit, for obvious reasons I will now cite.

A spy sort of guy finds his wife captured and he wakes up in a dark creepy room. He is transformed into an Asian woman and given a new mission. Of course in true TG fantasy tradition he goes through a number of stages:

1. Confusion. Omg what did you do to me? Bitch gets angry.

2. Engrish. Oh nos you made my brain change so I can't speak English!

3. Wow this body feels so much better than my male body. Also: flowers are nice.

4. Men are yummy, what was I thinking liking girls? I am a girl so I have to be hetero, natch.

While yes, they are cross dreamer fictions and they don't specifically relate to or support being transgender, I think it is worth supporting, especially given how many of us enjoy TG fiction.

Racing Stripes

I decided to finally get with the new technology and add some popular features to my blog. The picture below illustrates where you can find my new question period thingy Formspring and if you like a post you might like some of the other blog posts listed right below!

Can I get a picture to show y'all what I mean?

Damn skippy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Out to Daddy

My Dad knows now, and that was pretty scary. I was over at his place last Sunday with my Brother and we were unable to tell him. Oh, didn't I mention: my Brother came out as gay last week. Fascinating, isn't it?

So after leaving his place on Sunday my Brother calls him and outs us both over the phone. Not ideal, but the bandaid needed removing. It doesn't matter, he loves us, is what he said.

We met him earlier this week to talk and discuss more and it was awkward but he is being supportive. He wants to help, and I explained my financial situation. He says he has contacts who would pay for me. I was shocked. It wasn't a maybe, he has rich business partners who will buy my body. The catch it that they have to like me. I hope I am likable.

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would help me financially. My Dad says I don't understand how much money people have and how willing they are to help improve special people's lives.

I hope they see how special I am, and agree with the goals I have set out before me as mentioned all over this slutty blog.

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