Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I purchased my very own domain! Yay! will point towards this happy little blog of mine for the time being, but eventually I'll be launching my own sexy and fun website. 

Wow these things are expensive, n'est pas? Who knew a girl had to come up with so much cash in order to have her own porn site, right? Please support my sexy creativity by clicking on the Donate button found on the right side of my blog, just beneath my little display picture. 

Since my first photo shoot has been finished, I have a fun thank you gift of 15 colourful pictures for anyone who donates $5 or more. Just leave your email address when you donate and your inbox will be receive a link full of Mei soon enough!

$5 for 15 pretty pictures. Remember to leave your email! 

The more people who donate, the more pictures and videos to I will be able to produce!

Sparkles and rainbows,
Bubblepopmei..... dot com.

Edit: well that was fast. Paypal disabled my account. Thanks to those who donated but I won't be getting those funds. Once I have another payment provider I will let you know. Much love!

Monday, August 27, 2012

FanExpo Flirting

I had a great time at Fan Expo this year. While I didn't get to cosplay, which was entirely my own fault for waiting so long to put a costume together, there were many others dressed up and many ideas to be had!

My favourite part was meeting Joe Flanigan. I've interviewed a lot of people in my life, mostly musicians and mostly all of the people you've seen on Billboard charts over the past decade, but I don't get nervous. As I told Joe when I met him, I was nervous. My heart was racing and when I told him he reached out and held my hand. Swoon much? Um ya.

Joe Flanigan as Major/Lt. Col John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis

So we're flirting for quite a few minutes, before I squealed and ran off, him saying "Bye Ma'am!" which was super awesome. My brother informed me afterwards that Joe actually said it was alright for me to take a pic. I of course, wasn't paying attention, I was too focused on him to hear that offer. Doh!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hotel Business

How did you spend YOUR Friday?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Car sex

I hadn't noticed how long it had been since my last blog post. Oopsie!

In the aftermath of losing friends, a lot of time has opened up for me. I'm filling it with dicks, by the barrel. I spoke with a friend and I'm going to start making craigslist ads looking for guys to fuck me on film. Well, I'll begin by giving hand jobs while the guys use my phone to film. Easy does it. If you want to be such a guy, and understand that I'm going to sell copies of the video we make and all you'll get is a nice orgasm when your cum blasts my face, hit me up and let's make it happen. Conversely, if you want to work a camera and make some fabulous recurring porn together, hit me up all the same!

I tried filming some mutual oral fun in my car that I had last Saturday, but the dashboard is pretty much all we got. I'll need a camera man or something unless its POV haha. I had a great time though, the man knows how to handle a lady! I gave a nice logn blowjob while I crouched beneath my steering wheel and he ate my boipussy and fingered me into rainbows while i was leaned over the reclined front seat.

Not me but you get the idea

Yesterday I did my first photo shoot. More to come on that soon. Also, ahead is a threesome and a trip to fanexpo!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Feminization Captions

BDSM "kink"?

Bubblepop's captions function like all the other captions in the genre of feminization fetishism, whether its fiction ( or videos (

The underlying structure of arousal is all the same, the idea of being thought of through social-masochistic femininity. The recurring problem with those with this fetish is the tendency of internalization the very object of sexual desire (oneself as feminine). The same process which is documented with apotemnophilia

-          - “Anonymous”

I removed your last comment precisely as I said I would. I'm going to leave this comment up for a few reasons. You link to other people's content, and supporting others is never a bad idea, even if your spirit is hateful, and it gives me a chance to talk more about me, which I love doing. (Although I do hesitate to leave anna malice's blog there since she seems to greatly dislike promoting others, even while she is stealing their content.)

You continue to baffle me, and it seems others as well, with your aggressive and negative tirades against gender identity. Clear this up for us: Do you believe in differently gendered issues? Because I believe people can just be aroused by feminization, and I believe people are differently gendered, and I believe these things are TOTALLY SEPARATE. Aside from you attacking Jack, attacking me, and attacking the previous Anonymous post, I can’t see what your position is. Nobody on this blog is out to get you for being attracted to feminization. Relax: it’s alright to like things. 

If you are actually challenging my existence and my reasons for transitioning then please state it clearly so I can respond appropriately. Are you suggesting 100% of transitioning people are doing so because of the sexual motivation you reference above? I’ll be honest, it sorta sounds like that’s what you are saying. That I was a previously straight boy who got so confused and elated by sexy ideas of slipping into panties that I decided to flip my entire life upside down. What a victim I must be oh my!

I’ll clear a little up for you as well Anonymous. Btw, I usually have absolutely no problem with people posting anonymously because not everyone wants a Google account and why should I prevent people from sharing their feelings with me? However, your continued presence on my blog means you need to identify yourself as something other than Anonymous. I don’t care what, but give yourself a name, and if you have a blog, source it. If people here agree with your words they might want to find your blog and read more about your thoughts!

About clearing things up for you: I was writing erotica before I came to the feeling femme forum in 2006. I had been role playing and having sexy ideas THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FEMINIZATION for a very, very long time. I was simply a girl online, full stop. Mind control is principally my interest, not feminization. Along with mind control I am also attracted to other psychological aspects, as well as tragic elements which, I feel, are essential to good storytelling. Nobody would care as deeply about Batman if he hadn’t such tragedy in his life, and his relationships.

When I discovered the Feeling Femme forum, which at the time was called the Bimbo Sanctuary (having been drawn there by the idea of bimbotization not feminization), as well as Rachel’s Haven shortly thereafter, I found myself amidst a community of people who had something I could relate to: gender issues. They didn’t all want to transition, they weren’t all differently gendered, but there was a central theme that was relevant to my life. I began captioning using feminization as a theme because that’s what people did in this community! My themes of mind control, psychological manipulation, and tragedy were still there. Read even the oldest of my captions and you'll see those themes are all over the place!

Let’s go a step further. I’ve written stories that were cisgender. You can find them on mcstories, literotica, and nifty’s under the same name I have everywhere else: bubblepopmei. Further, I’ve made captions about lesbians, and I do not consider myself a lesbian! Ideas can be sexy without having to expressly identify with them! Now the central theme in my work has been pride in being differently gendered and I try to put it in people’s faces. Yes, I’m a shemale, and yes that is absolutely totally awesome.

To an idiot my captions are the same as anyone else’s captions. To someone who can actually read, each caption is unique to the author! Some captions are focused on happy themes; some are focused on themes involving shame and humiliation. There are captions where it borders on rape and the protagonist enjoys nothing. My captions usually include a very happy person in the end. Captions sometimes involve lesbianism, sometimes they involve transgender characters, and sometimes they involve genies and magic! We have different ideas, themes, we tend towards different models, and we express ourselves with different layouts. There is so much that goes into a caption that dismissing our work is wrong. I'm certain I'm not the only one who can, at a glance, identify a short list of authors I suspect a caption was created by. 

Each author has different ideas and different interests. To boil us down to a singular point so you can use our work as evidence in some ridiculous transphobic essay is not respectful.

And yes, you are transphobic. Everything you’ve said so far is transphobic and you seem disinterested in hearing anything that contradicts your paranoid assertion that I and other differently gendered people have been so aroused by our own captions that we have destroyed our own lives. That is fundamentally dismissive and discriminatory. It is hate speech. 

Thanks for linking to some great resources, but unless you have a name, a blog, and something different to say, I’m going to uphold my previous statement: you’re through talking here.

Wonder Slut Loses her friends

I've been having a lot of serious blog posts lately, and I want you to know that I'm not steering things towards a surprise activism, I'm just dealing with things as they come up.

I have some fun and sexy things coming up that I am so eager to share with you. For now, let me just say a few things.

I cried today while watching You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks is simply a delight.

I think I'm sorta depressed. I have been cancelling social plans and staying at home to hide from the sun. It seems that when I think about the day ahead and all the hair removal that I have to do to prepare I get depressed. It isn't sexy, but I guess it makes sense. I don't have any money but I'll need to figure a way to get laser hair removal going on all body parts more quickly than I expected I would require. I still have prepay with a crappy laser place, I guess I will go back there.

The first people I told about my transition, my closest friends that I have blogged about repeatedly, have stopped talking to me. I didn't know why they suddenly cut all contact, save to let me know they were doing what I had expressed interest in doing together. "Hey just letting you know we are doing pole dancing lessons without you, kthxbyebye."

I finally met up with one of them, to give her dresses back to her. Only way it seems I could get their attention, to return stuff. She wasn't even going to tell me, she wanted to talk about her stuff. I had to pull it out of her, and that's when she told me why they aren't my friends.

"We are sick of hearing about you doing porn."

I'm not going to change who I am to save friends. That kind of sacrifice destroys self esteem. I've been waiting since I was a child to do porn. Ya, fucked up I know, but while other children dreamed of being doctors and lawyers, I dreamed of doing porn.

So the first two people I trusted with my transition no longer like the person I have transitioned to become. No big deal, I'll make new friends, and some of those who have experience with porn cite this as something that happens. My Mom freaked out and my baby mama told me my daughter will be ashamed of me. I don't really feel like I can relate to the people from my past anymore.

I cleared out my wishlist, it was filled with old stuff. I put a few new items on the wish list. For FanExpo and most definitely for super hero porn, I'll do videos with either and any of the following that I am surprised with as a gift:
Wonder Woman


Which heroine should I get fucked on film as? Maybe both. My wish list widget should be on the bottom of my blog, but here it is: Buy Mei Pretty Things!

I actually watched a really sexy Wonder Woman hypnosis video. Wonder Sluts.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tumbling and Twatting

I signed up for tumblr, pretty much exclusively so I could follow my favourite web comics, bustygirlcomics and the new little league.

However, once I got there I realized that I could quickly reblog content from other great tumblr accounts and  easily upload pics. I was initially disappointed when Modern Goddess and Smitty Simon setup tumblr accounts, because I couldn't easily follow them like blogspot allows me to do. A problem no more!

So I've joined Tumblr and will be reposting my content to Twitter, so you can catch me there too!

I'm going to be using my Tumblr as a way to re-introduce people to my captions, and other images I find appealing.

Fetish Fury

“So do you, or do you not endorse coaxing people into thinking that what they are aroused by is indicative of an underlying discord? Also do you believe that how one relates, rationalizes and desires plays no part in how one identifies oneself?” - Anonymous

I’m... I’m honestly shocked. Wait, let’s go back. Let’s get a little context. So I totally did this crossdreaming blog fiesta recently and the last post was here. It’s like, right below this one, but don’t make eye contact, it’s super involved with like 19 comments and counting.

Anonymous, which seems like such a popular name these days, seems to feel marginalized for being sexually attracted to an unspecified method of feminization. He seems angry at Jack Molay and this is where the confusion really sets in for me.

Anonymous suggests people are being wrongfully convinced that they have gender identity issues because they are sexually attracted to feminization. Or something like that, I’m trying to piece together a message from his several posts. So Anonymous has asked me whether I endorse this.

See, my mind is boggled how someone can think the two have anything to do with one another. I am a slut and I loves me all kinds of sex. I want to be led out like a pet on a leash and gangbanged as entertainment for a party of wealthy men and women. Having them pet me, patronize me in that deliriously wonderful condescending tone that they give to dogs, and else stuff. That does not mean at all that I want to be a dog. 
My identity is not exclusively made up of sexual fantasies. I have an xbox and shit. I own a car. I’m a real person yo.

I may be your pet, but I still have to pay taxes.

Since each person’s situation is unique, wtf is your point anyways? We’re going to argue generalizations about gender identity and sexual identity? How would we do that? What Rosetta stone exists to help us discuss any of this?

For argument’s sake, let’s generalize the fuck out of this. If you’re getting sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing or dreaming about being a woman, you might be a crossdresser or you might be a crossdreamer. I’m just stabbing the dark on the meaning of crossdreamer now since it has been established it was created by Jack Molay. Ask Jack what he intended by the statement. If you’re identifying with crossdreaming but in a sexual fetish way, then I figure the term fits and so I’m using it in this case.

In either case, if you’re sexually excited by these ideas but you have no desire to pursue transition, that’s clue number one you aren’t differently gendered. It isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means, but for my reply to this discussion it works just fine.

About being coerced to transition: wtf are you smoking? You’ve been reading too many stories and captions Captain Anonymous, and you clearly have very little respect for the differently gendered. Let me walk you through why the idea of being convinced into transition when you don’t really want it is absolutely clown shoes ridiculous.

I never felt right, even as a kid. I didn’t know what the issue was, but as I grew and learned more I felt significant and ongoing displeasure with myself, my body, my reflection in the mirror. I felt off. I didn’t need to be convinced or coerced to become a woman. When I learned that was even possible, and began my journey, you couldn’t coerce or convince me NOT to transition. It was like a floodgate opened, it was like I had been freed from tyranny, it was like I had found the cure for a serious illness, like I discovered fucking Science!

For me, as a transgendered person, I busted my ass and have been crawling through enormous difficulty to be the person I feel in the cells of my body, in the aching of my bones that I need to be. I struggle against a system that is designed to resist my success, a system of gender binary and intolerance where depending on which nation I visit I may not have basic human rights.

I’m totally shocked by this protest in the first place. There is no conspiracy against cisgendered guys who get off dreaming about or dressing as a woman. No plot exists to convince you to transition for some nefarious ladyboy-army building purpose. This world fights transgender people tooth and nail, and how dare you try to compare your right to get that tiny dick of yours off in a pair of lace panties like a good little cuck to me travelling across the entire mother-fucking world to get a fair price on breast implants and risk surgery and the possibility of never seeing my daughter’s face again. If you’re a cisgendered guy who just likes getting off to ideas of feeling feminine sometimes, boo hoo! Go take your male privilege to the food bank and try to trade all the ways you’re on top of the world like food stamps.

Please, by all means, pull your widdle dickie and dream about being a girl. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to stop you. In fact I want you to do it more. I’m happy you do it. I bet you make wet little cummies when you read about me being wrongfully coerced into transition in my captions. 

Be proud of your fetish, not defensive

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Refused Service

I was refused service at a cafeteria in my work complex. I had to have my coworker buy the coke zero for me, cause I love coke zero you see. It's like I'm losing weight with bubbles!

Anyways, ya. The old ass couple who run the shindig didn't even acknowledge me beyond the stares and the obvious walking away.

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