Monday, November 19, 2012

Shemale Yum and Bubblepopmei

I had an absolutely amazing time with Kevin Dong from Grooby Productions today. My first shoot with Grooby will be featured on Shemale Yum! Check there obsessively, I'm scheduled to be posted this holiday season!

I was pretty nervous when I arrived at the loft studio, but Kevin put me at ease. You wouldn't think he would, since he's built like a tank. Seriously Rob Leifleld's Captain America built. Super hot, honestly.

Super down to earth and funny too!  He is a total alpha male and he has a very compelling philosophy about why body builders and transwomen seem so magnetically drawn to one another. Kevin produces for Grooby and you can learn more about him through his blog.We talked a little, he had some rice while I got ready, and then off to the races!

I'm not going to spoil the surprises in store for you sometime soon from bubblepopmei and Shemale Yum!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pro Porn

I've been down for awhile. Life can be pretty hard, and I haven't had the time to coordinate photo and video shoots with anybody. Enter an opportunity.

A very well known and delicious porn website will be doing my first professional porn shoot with me tomorrow. I'll let you know more after its done, but I am excited and hopeful this will be the beginning of a lot more work with established production companies. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fetlife white boy says shut up stupid tgirl

I'm gonna be a bitch again...

How does this...

Deserve this?...

I.. I actually don't even know what to say about this. It is a pretty awful way to treat someone for suggesting not all trans women want to use their sex organs to top people. I reported the guy right away but who knows what will happen. In case you don't want to read his entire post, I will summarize:

  1. Shemales are the same as bbw, swm, gay, lesbian.  (Yeah, porn categories)
  2. Somehow my being on hormones upsets him.
  3. The cis gender white boy forgives me for my naivette about a group I claim to be a part of because I am in the early stages of transformation... How does he know better? He has been fucking some of us for 12 years.
  4. My interest in black guys offends the cis gender white boy.
  5. His girlfriend is a woman, obviously... that pretty much sums him up. Of course he is dating a woman, trannies, gays, lesbians, fat chicks, and whatever the mother fuck swm is are all just porn categories. You don't *date* them.
  6. He attacks my little princess and seems to have low regard for my being on hormones, since he brings it up in a negative way repeatedly.
  7. The cis gender white boy thinks I should be quiet because I'm not an expert on being a transwoman. Wait..
  8. The cis gender white boy hopes (and prays?) that I didn't decide to transform simply to make the best of my little dicklet. He also learns me good by explaining that STATISTICALLY shemales are abnormally well hung.

Ya so... I dunno what to say. I'm not sure I want to say anything. So I'm linking this on that group. We'll see what happens.

Tattoo me

I've got a new tattoo, stars on my foot. Eventually I will climb it up my leg, but for now an opportunity for another tattoo came up. This would go on the inside of my wrist.

What should I get?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Extra Credit: A Bubblepopmei Story

Hello darlings!

So I'm totally a protagonist in someone's story! Please support Lucian Carter's sexy talent by following the link below and picking up your copy of Extra Credit!

Extra Credit: A Bubblepopmei Story

Mei's not doing well in her media studies class. It's not that she's stupid, it's just the hot female professor is too much of a distraction. When she's invited to her home for extra tutoring will Mei be able to keep her mind on school and her hands to herself? (Graphic f/f sex, all participants 18+, for adults only)

I'd love to be in your stories too! Let me know what story I'm in and I'll promote your smart decision.
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