Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mei Becomes Mei in May? Confirmed!

I'll be heading to Thailand May 16 for some surgeries. I've got my tickets and appointment with Doctor. I am very excited and thankful that my family has helped me raise the money I need for the first few procedures, and that my brother will be accompanying me and filming the experience.

If anyone has experience in Thailand I'd like to hear their thoughts on where we ought to go to interview some of the ladyboys before my surgery.

The bulk of my time will be spent whining in pain in a hotel room, but when I first arrive I wish to experience the culture.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today after Sunset

Tonight was the night. I had set my sights on taking a flight after sunset tonight and beginning my trip into another world. Thailand.

Three days, I would have done interviews and filmed, and then I would have my surgeries and be reborn as a ladyboy true.

Daddy can't go to Thailand with me, so I am trying to find someone who can. Have any of you gone alone? How would I cope with three weeks in pain post-surgery in an un familiar world?

If I even can go alone, there would be no documentary. Still, I would finally be me. I suppose in a way today still had significance. The end of one life, with the handing of money. The beginning of a new.

There were special reasons I wanted to go at this time. Some of you might understand what I'm referring to.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask Mei: Details!

I do have Formspring questions to answer, please do not think I have forgotten you. However I stumbled upon a number of questions elsewhere on the internet and I provided my answers. I wanted to share them with you.

1) Someone who is actually a shemale how much did it cost to get where you are at (Hormones, boobs, ass, hips, FFS, etc.) I want a rough estimate of what I should try to work up to or see what I can manage. Or does it all vary depending on the physical traits you have before hand.

Price is affected by region, surgical procedure, and your current physical appearance. North America is more expensive than the rest of the world, basically. Endoscopic procedures generally cost more than other methods, but you'll have smaller scars and in cases of FFS and brow work, you won't risk hair loss and forehead loss of sensitivity in most cases.

I'm going to Thailand in June to have bony contouring of the brow and jaw, a brow lift, and breast implants. This will cost me ten thousand of your American dollars. The price, I find, is reasonable and sane when the North American equivalent would be thirty thousand, no exaggeration. Those who cry that the quality overseas is reduced are the same people unlikely to believe education systems abroad are better than North America either. They simply lack information. Breast implants in Thailand could be 3900, in N. America they could be 8000. SRS/GRS in Canada is 25 thousand, I'm not sure about the States. The number is less than half in Thailand.

Thailand has experience, quality work and is world-renown for cosmetic surgery, not only for transgender procedures. Canada isn't renown for anything regarding cosmetic surgery except for one clinic in Montreal for MtF and one clinic in Mississauga for FtM. The disgusting difference in price is not quality, but rather it is hospital costs because of a poorly thought out medical system.

2) Also when is it appropriate to change your name after you have boobs or when you look more feminine?

It is appropriate to legally change your name when you go full time. If you want to do so before, it is entirely up to you, but it would likely make the most strategic sense to do so at this time. It would take 6-8 weeks in Canada to get your legal name change, and cost 135 dollars. Once you have it, you'd take it to your government location and have your Driver's License changed, along with a letter stating you are transgender from your Doctor and you can have your Driver's license name and sex changed. You can do the same with your health card. You will need to surrender your birth certificate when you submit the legal name change, and will be reissued the female name birth certificiate. However, if you have not had SRS and two letters from two seprate Doctors confirming it took place, you cannot be considered a female in Canada. 

3)This one doesn't count for me yet but I always wondered.... if you went to college and got a degree as a male how do you change that when you transition also is it still valid?

You take the legal name change results you receive from the mail to your creditors, any company with which you have contracts, bills, etc, and to the educational institutions you attended. They must update their records.

4)My biggest fear is transitioning and not finding someone who actually wants to be with me instead of just play, has this crossed anyone's mind... or am I the only one? Idk I just always hear sex when we are talked about and not exactly my partner.

I hear you sister, I also wonder if all I will be is a sex object. I went to a ladyboy club in Toronto. The owner was nice, the place was cozy, but the men only wanted sex. I thought to myself as I sat there, where would I go if I wanted a boyfriend? I know of no such place, except to say: the same places anyone else would go. I believe you can find love, and I have friends who have found quite nice boyfriends. Me, I'm in it for sex for now.

If you type ladyboy boyfriend into google images, you find my pic.

 5)Ana Mancini I feel she is the most gorgeous women I have ever seen that has transitioned, anyone know how much she used? I would love to be anywhere near as close as beautiful as she is.

Ana Mancini is very lovely. I can tell she has had extensive plastic surgery. I have nothing against that.

 6)How many of you girls lost friends or family over this? I kind of hinted... well told my Mom about it kind of to test the water and if she was to upset I would say I was messing around.. silly right I know.. well she didn't take it very well and I don't feel like she will be around once I do what I want to do.

I have watched so many of my friends suffer and lose family. I have not. Some friendships end awkwardly, but none have ended badly so far. I have been so blessed, but it isn't that way for so many of us. I am very sorry your Mother hasn't responded well. Given time perhaps she will.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mei got Fucked

I got fucked.

I know you wish to see it. It's okay, that's natural. You will soon, footage to follow. For now, enjoy these pics that aren't me.

I met a man on the weekend and he got my cookies. I went over and we shared a drink. Not five minutes later he had me in his bedroom, spanking my pale ass and making out with me.

I tried to do a good job to give him blowjob, but I was confused because when he would deep throat me, it was interesting, but then suddenly I throw up in my hand. Why did I do that? I didn't understand, and he didn't seem happy with me. I want to practice and be a good girl, I had always wanted so much to be a good sucky sucky. I don't understand why that happened.

Then later he kiss me and treat me sweet and press me down on the bed. He fuck me for the first time. It hurt so much at first, but then I remember saying something like "oh... it feels better now" clumsily as the sensation changed and it started to feel not pain but just INTENSE.

Always intense, always. So much sensation. Impossible to ignore, impossible to think of anything else. Just want to feel it always. I am so noisy, I can't help myself. I want to get fuck all the time.

He was so good! He put me in so many positions, doggy, on my back, pale legs up, legs crossed, spread wide, one leg up, I ride him too. But that's not all in one session, no, he fuck me so much and then he cum in my mouth. I swallowed good this time I promise you!

Then I give him a massage, and I think he is so tired he will fall asleep, so I say gently I will go, you sleep. He asid no, you going to get fucked again. ^_^

He fucked me for hours, felt so right to get fucked!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I know this is entirely uncommon for me to blog about; but I just woke from a nightmare. I wrote it down, and it probably will seem ridiculous. I just felt like sharing it suddenly. Maybe I'm just avoiding going back to bed.

It hasn't been discussed for awhile, but I've written a lot of television concepts. None you'd see on the air unfortunately, but a lot that have received pretty great feedback. Not the kind that I can count and use at the bank, is the key difference.

The majority came from a series of recurring dreams that I would have over the period of months and years. In one instance, I've written out a bible for 22 episodes, and we've fully written a 2 hour pilot and 4 1 hour episodes from my recurring dreams. I still vividly recall what I intended to do after the 22 episodes. That show, above the others, is my baby. I want people to hear the story, and I'm beginning to think about other mediums.

I would have these dreams all the time, every night I seemed to pick back up where the last left off, giving me a mostly sequential and rational chain of events to write from. I haven't had these dreams since another person has been sleeping in my bed. I never really had thought about that until my family had begun sleeping in another bed, and now are in Philippines on vacation. I began to have dreams again.

So with that in mind, I had a nightmare.

My family; and other random people had flooded an underground pathway, industrial with boxes everyone. We were practically a river, quietly trying to escape view from an alien invasion.

It was like a convoy, there were people on foot, carrying belongings, and also some high tech equipment, robot suits in which I piloted with my family. This was quite a large underground pathway apparently.

A few of our robot suits went up to the surface and out the door. It was totally quiet, we were in a field somewhere, with the exception of a shed just ahead. The other two robot suits moved ahead and crouched at the shed, but then as I was emerging from the doorway of the underground I saw an alien ship flying ahead. We all ran back downstairs.

We had abandoned our robot suits and I recommended my family hide in a large cabinet with wooden doors, otherwise filled with boxes. We needed to keep quiet. There was one more person who snuck in with us, and then we had to make no sound, as the aliens came down into the tunnels.

I was terrified.

Finally the cabinet door was swung open and several aliens were outside. They looked like they wore armour, they had thin arms and only a few fingers, and they lacked much of a neck, broad shoulders up to wide heads.
One of them stepped forward and stretched out its arms towards us. The person who was hiding with us freaked out and attacked. The three of the aliens killed him.

My family was doomed. I tried my best to calm them because it seemed strange, the outstretched arms. I did not know how to signal them that we are peaceful. I recall thinking that we should not raise our arms, or shush them to peace. Any sound of movement could be misunderstood. So we just stood there, until finally, the truth was revealed.

They were Doctors. Humanity had a sickness none of us were aware of, something so bad that it made us angry and rabid like the way we all behave to each other. It affected our ability to see things clearly our entire lives. They had come in great numbers to try to help us.

Everything except the final moments felt like a terrifyingly real nightmare. When I woke, I just stared up for awhile until I could calm myself. I was agitated. I turned and decided, on a whim, to check the time on my phone. I had a text message.

It is my friend. She just went to emergency and texted me 30 minutes before I woke up. She is very sick.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ask Mei: Shoes and Shaving

Q: I shaved my arms for the first time today, I love how soft and smooth they feel, but I nicked myself a few times on the bumps and curves on my hands and elbows. Do you have any recommendations on keeping skin smooth and hairless?

Mei: It is important, especially during the winter months, to lotion several times a day. If you are finding that you are especially dry you should use something thick like a petrolium jelly. Otherwise, a body butter or body lotion will suffice when applied patiently and repeatedly. You want your dominants to feel you melt between their fingers when they caress you, don't you? I do.

There are products you can use after you shave to reduce/prevent redness, bumps, and razor burn. They essentially are rubbing alcohol in nature and sting when applied. Apply them everywhere you shaved before you apply your lotion.

Also, maintenance is imperative. You will experience fewer problems if you are not removing as much hair, so when you shave, keep it up, spot check, have a bath and shave in the bath or shower. It should work with your schedule, but don't neglect it.

YOu can use products like Nair or Veet on your arms, safely enough, also you might prefer waxing those regions. If you are on hormones your regrowth of hair should reduce soon enough that waxing becomes more economically viable than in the past. The issue I have with both shaving and Nair is that it really doesn't take it much past the root.

Consider the No!No! Hair Removal system. Yes, it does work, despite cynics. It requires repeated use and sticking to a regime of using it. If you use it a few times, you won't get significant results. This would be especially useful for arms and elbows, perhaps with a little finesse or a helping hand for the elbows.

You should also accept that females have body hair as well, in varying degrees. I want to be hairless as much as the next tgirl, but we should use our resources strategically. If you keep the hair thinned and reduced, you don't have to sweat having a little hair on the arms if it means you can afford laser hair removal on a more pressing area immediately.

Q: I love shoes too! I was wondering what are your favorite pair of shoes that you own and what shoes do you really wish you could have?

Mei: Now that is a difficult question. I struggle so much with picking favourites, and so I'll just go ahead and take a few pictures, let's call it a tie, pretty please??

The blue I got from Brida,(the online store does not do it justice) a store I absolutely love. They were on clearance for: 10 dollars. They are fabulous.

The red I bought on amazon along with some heart-shaped heels. I absolutely adore unique wedge designs. Take notes boys.

As far as shoes I wish I had? I require an endless supply of shoes, so my hunger will never be satiated. That said, I would love to have a pair of glittery slingback louboutins. The knock-off isn't in my size at my local ghetto mall. I will expand my hunt.

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