Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was talking with a coworker and complimented her on a particularly domestic thing she did. She was not impressed.

Domestic tasks are so demonized in many people that the very notion that they would ever do something domestic is appalling. We all do domestic chores in our daily lives though and it isn't something that we should ignore or hide.

Having a creative way of table setting or a coordinated living room is not something I'd be ashamed to take credit for.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I used to make captions. I do from time to time, but lately I haven't had the bandwidth in my day to do so. I like being creative and if I don't have outlets to express myself creatively I go into depression. That and sex. Need that too or I go into depression.

I expect as the season changes and progress remains on pace towards estrogen, this winter will be a difficult one for me. I will try to rely on sex and creativity to carry me through, as my trusty virtues always have in the past.

I've actually made a lot of captions, so I'm going to slowly reveal some in between updates on my life. Sometimes I'll have something to say along the theme, other times not.

I always love hearing what you think. If anyone can help me set up formspring I'd appreciate it. Maybe the hypnosis is getting to me, I have trouble focusing on html and technological language lately.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Feels good to have something inside, minutes of boipussy joy trumps hours of ridiculous stroking.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I feel calm, docile, at ease when I'm dressed properly. Everything just relaxes into syrup and pours over the world like gentle rain.

I went to see my friends and catch a movie, but before we went we tried on all the stuff I had purchased recently from Le Chateau (read: Mecca).

It is so fun to try on outfits with my sistas, showing off, modeling, and inevitably I stare at myself in the mirror.

My friends laughed at me, constantly staring at myself in the mirror. I'm really vain, totally in awe of myself when I'm dressed.

Do you also find you are more vain than women? I don't mean anything by it, I just drift off and turn and pose and stare at myself in my outfits. It is only when a black finger turns my chin towards a gaze that I snap back to attention, but without supervision my focus returns to the mirror.
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