Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doctor Referral

So I may be taking a needle like a good girl as early as January! My Doctor is referring me to one of the endocrinologists in the city, and it turns out I'm not even my Doctor's first transgender patient! Super!

He says specialists are often busy, but if I haven't gotten an appointment by January I should call them directly and make this happen!

I'm so excited!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lesbian Hypnosis Part 1

I deeply enjoy "turning out" It doesn't matter if its white going black, bois going sissy, or straight going gay, it makes me feel soOOOo good.

I certainly haven't met a woman who can melt me, but I totally adore the idea of straight girls going lesbian, forgetting what their boyfriends were ever for. So hot!

I really enjoyed making those motivational captions before, so I thought I'd make a series devoted to straight girls turning lesbian.


Lesbian Hypnosis Part 2

I had a boyfriend?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Celebrations

A recurring bliss for me is the idea of being on display, putting on a show. I fancy myself creative, and to that end I would love to be living art at a party of the wealthy and influential.

Standing on a pedestal, shimmering with body glittery and thick coating of oil, tangled in a mess of fabulous Christmas lights.

So many rich hands on me, women and men, giving soft caresses, inspecting the art, placing their bids. Perhaps a gorgeous Adonis is brought out to mate roughly with my Christmas pixie ass.

Slutfucked by an alpha at a crowded event is a wonderful way to celebrate the season! Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hypnosis sticky sweet

It is no surprise from my captions that I've been a huge mind control fan for some time. What I melt for is the confidence of a person, male or female, and how brilliant and charismatic they can be to change my mind. You can change so much with the right tone of voice, the right brush of fingers across a cheek, the right words and swagger.

New and sexy ideas can drip like syrup on a pancake brain with the help of stylish headphones. In no time you're loyal to a totally different crowd, shaking that ass while you listen to your sonic spell and think about how pretty you'll be with your knees to the ground.

Memories can be deconstructed so that first kiss with Lucy Sanders becomes hot and steamy shower kiss with your teammate, and that playboy magazine you keep under your bed becomes a big gorgeous dildo and a men's health, the perfect preteen date!

A straight girl could abandon her beloved boyfriend and all that she knew, succumbing to forbidden lesbian delights.

Or of course a curious boy could be convinced by conversation that he was never really a boy and live as a girl, give it a try... just for awhile...

I've just joined a place called mcgarden, and its been a total blast. Thanks to Nomdefemme for encouraging me to sign up, these peeps are great!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

no!no! make mei smooth!

Omg guys I found something soooo fabulous that I just totally have to have! The no!no! hair removal system is closest thing to laser for permanent hair removal. Isn`t that fabulous?!

I've done lots of research and this so works, and I want it omg omg, but how come Canadian stores aren't selling it yet?

Oh my won't some dashing suitor spend his hard earned money to make Mei happy! I surely know one of you will. ^_^

This will make me smooth and smooth makes me happy! My friends will want to touch my skin and men will want to kiss my body. I know you like it when men touch me, when they feel me up and play with my little star. I know you want my sistas to finger my pie and have little lesbian joys with me. I know you want me to model for you, my legs so bare and silky.

It's so easy, no!no! has the solution, and pretty in pink would look so nice under my gay little Christmas tree! Its on my wish list at the bottom of my blog, where all the cutest things are!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantasy ramblings

I was playing through my folders the other day and found something I wrote about some fantasy concepts that really touch me in my boipussy...

I made a few captions once about being digital. I feel kinda like a digital playground anyways, so colourful streaming code meant to entertain men like you. I think that it would be amazing to be digitized, my mid floating in a virtual world, where I can be affected and altered like open source code. My environment, my body, even my personality can be altered to suit someone’s fantasies.Perhaps then, with my body laid here, I am downloaded into another person’s body across the ocean or something, and live as me 2.0 in pretty form.

I love idea of being bath girl, and perhaps living in a warm bath of milk or water like a water nymph, waiting for my Master to arrive in his bathhouse so I can sponge bath and massage him.Be a relaxation technique for a ruler in a decadent world. I think that the bath itself would transform me, so I could be lured there by promise of a hedonistic vacation usually reserved for Emperors, and end up transformed into the vacation for rulers myself.

I want to be a happy product for a corporation. It would be nice to be headhunted by a company for my skills and brought overseas, so exciting, only to be transformed through company therapy, education, electricity, and health/surgery checkups into a model or product to tot their wares. My imagination is valuable, but doesn’t require my gender, I would be valuable sexual product with such creativity.

I read a story once where a convincing man showed up and just talked to a family at a garage sale. He left and came back a few times, but I can imagine my parents being convinced to sell me for omg like so little money at a garage sale, to this man. They would be appalled at first, but calmly convinced, and his words would change their minds and mine, making me more of a sissy until I’m a girl and then making me a product for him to purchase.

Philosophy is an interesting concept. The idea that someone can come to know something through conversation is so fascinating. I think it would be so sexy if someone was able to convince me of the way the universe works, and as he does, the universe changes to suit what he’s said. My mind, my body, my purpose, my whole existence can be explained in such a way that it just becomes so, and I am so lucky to learn how the universe works!

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