Friday, April 29, 2011

Colour Pressures

In the 1900s boys wore pink and girls wore blue. Now babies are swaddled in the opposite. A few years ago it was fashionable for men to wear "Salmon" now it isn't.

I'm feminine and so sociologically, when I'm presenting as myself, it makes complete sense. See my entire blog, lol. When I get colourful stars tattooed low on my pale pelvis, no one will think that is weird, but if I did so before I was full-time lady fabulous, they'd stone me.

I was with my business partner at a mall kiosk for cell phone and tablet device designs that you can stick on them. I was looking through the Samsung Galaxy styles while the salesgirl and I flirted heavily. I flirt a lot. It means nothing.

I found one I liked and told the the salesgirl so, to which she asked, "Do you want people to think you're Gay?"

I pushed the stack of designs into her hands and left her shocked and jaw dropped with, "Well I'm transgender, does that help you?"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hypnotic Facets

Omg Mei shut up about hypnosis already! We know you love having whispers in your brain, making happy little thoughts breezes blowing thoughts away. Well too bad I wanna talk about it! I really like it yum. I like hypnosis almost as much as I like to take it in the bum!

I find that between those of us who yearn for hypnosis we are drawn to different things. It isn't fair to say that we all have the same inklings.

I know there are those who find hypnotic dominatrix mp3s dial up the humiliation and feminization fantasies some people have. Or bimbofication can help you lighten your mind and become plastic pretty.

There are those who like the physical responses hypnotic power can bring. Cumming by the keyword or being frozen in place offers a unique sort of bondage those kin crave.

I've written captions that include personality changes, memories toyed with, ages regressed, new personalities created and loyalties changed. They are all delicious ideas, but not what draws me to hypnosis.

The simplicity of relaxation is what I enjoy in hypnosis. The relaxing, mental massaging, pampering way it soothes me and prepares me in the same way a spa day may. That is not to say I do not enjoy some of the other facets at times, but I think this more relaxing interest in hypnosis is sometimes forgotten with all the other facets on the line.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nicki Minaj

We should all worship Nicki Minaj! I really adore her... seriously! I don't think I've ever been treated to a more dynamic rapper, ever. She has the ability to go from gruff and masculine to sweet and feminine, from smart to vapid and back again in a stanza.

Haters gonna hate on Nicki's style, like she's copying Gaga but making it black for awhile. Truth is she's just expressing herself, and since when was colourful theatre a Gaga trademark? I for one will soak up all her words and do just what she says. Consider me a sycophant eager to be her personal assistant.

Haters gonna hate on Nicki's style, like she's copying Gaga but making it black for awhile. Truth is she's just expressing herself, and since when was colourful theatre a Gaga trademark?

I for one will soak up all her words and do just what she says. Consider me a sycophant eager to be her personal assistant. Nicki Minaj is such a Goddess and it always feels sorta like coming home to do what Ebony say.

In my porn I want to splash colour across each of your screens. Nicky Minaj inspired frothing bubblegum pink getting slut fucked till I cream. I'll have lots of yummy fantasies brought to life in video and stills. And I hope that the TG community will like to use me in their captions, it gives me such a thrill.

I'll set my rainbow raygun sights on getting lots of you off. You'll know you got hit, aside from your instant need to fuck, is by the sound it makes. lulululululululululu!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Shemale

So its my birthday and I learned from that Kimber James and Bubblepop Mei share a birthday!

I wonder what that means for us? Well I collected some info on how to understand Mei and Kimber in matters of sex! Check here and here for source info.

Taurus shemale is one appealing package, full of surprises and fun. She can be so sexually appealing that it will become difficult for her partner to keep up with her. She loves foreplay and it will go on and on and on. In private, the cow is an intense partner, and one quite happy to have sensual encounters go on all night long.

Taurus loves to create a perfect mood of love making by making an atmospshere of fantasy, creativity, seduction and play. Sex as a release from the more practical aspects of life is often all that she wants. Her partner should always be co‐operative and full of enthusiasm.

Taurus shemale knows where to find pleasure, as enjoyment is a key word to her intimate life. She adores such things as good food and drinks and erotic massage. Keep in mind that Taurus shemale is very demanding and you will need a good deal of sexual potential to satisfy her. You may start with stroking her breasts and kissing her neck, and pleasing her body with scented massage oils, lingering over the foreplay.

However common it may sound, Taurus likes sex. And who doesn't? The thing is that many people use it to relieve from stress, to prove their power or just like a part of love play. You can never say the same for Taurus shemale. She enjoys sex, she adores sex and she can't live without sex. From the early age she knows the best of sensual pleasure. Don't forget that Taurus is very sensitive to fragrances, but sometimes she may shock you with her preferences for the natural scent of body fluids. If you wish to have additional stimulation, don't be afraid to suggest her the idea and she will be eager to fulfill your desires.

So Happy Birthday to Kimber James and to Bubblepop Mei!

A Geekier Shade of Mei

Apparently it surprises a great many people that I have somewhat geeky interests. Aside from the fashion, cooking, interior decorating, media ambitions, and wall to wall technicolour nymphomania, I enjoy some hobbies that evidently are unexpected.

I like video games. I play them from time to time, with my big headphones on.. of course thats usually sexy music and hypno files I'm soaking in as I play. I also have a nasty habit of chatting to a dozen boys while I fight evil, or good, whichever.. regardless I tend to hold up my team by flirting and making dates.

My brother's birthday gift to me is Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes out. I'll be jetpacking around as the most colour coordinated bounty hunter in between gangbang film shoots and orgies.

I even like video games enough that I went to a convention once. Awesome, right? I want to cosplay, but I don't watch anime enough. I thought if I did cosplay I'd love to go as some of my heroes from youth.

Baroness was such a great character. From GI JOE silly! Pew pew, I've got all sorts of guns. I like the sexy bad girl look, and having been a recurring villain in some people's stories, I quite think I can pull it off and be a vicious cock-tease and all around unattainable con girlfriend. Sorry fanboys, I like rich guys.

Jem is adventure, and I like to have some! I'd always pretend not to completely adore this 80s cartoon but when nobody was looking I'd be watching, my braincells sizzling with rhythm and fireworks. I bet there aren't many Jem's at a convention.

Of course I've not just played video games and gone to conventions. I read comic books... sometimes. I plan on doing lots of photo shoots and porn stuff. Would you like to see an Asian ladyboy Supergirl get fucky long time by Braniac and his tentacle robots?

What's worse than all that? I used to play DnD and I still play World of Darkness. There isn't as much sex as I would like, but I am drowning in creativity 24/7 and need more outlets!

So that's a taste of ladyboy nerd out!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Doctors and Documentaries

I came out to one of my business partners last night. It always takes time to sink in, but he took it extremely well. He even asked if he could share it with his new wife. Absolutely! I think she already knows, honestly. She saw me dressed and natural before since this is the guy whose house I went to for Halloween, the first time I dressed up and my friend fingered me into squeals while the party went on.

He's the man with the five thousand dollar camera, so he said he'll be at every appointment to film it for my documentary. I'm going to put together my pitch and approach production companies shortly.

I felt the urgency to tell him because I'm going to be beginning anti androgens next month. I met my Doctor this week and he says that I have two more appointments before I get started on HRT. My blood work is fine, my health level is fine. He did a physical and saw my boobies and my lolipop and they are all fine. In fact he told me I'll do well with breast augmentation since I already have breasts, the skin can stretch more than with a flat chested person.

So in two weeks I'll meet for the big 'ol informed consent OMG HORMONES DO THIS AND THAT appointment. Following that, I sign and get the prescription! Yay!

Additionally, I spoke to him about doing surgeries before HRT has had two years to take effect and he said that was completely fine. Further, he said that the procedures I'm looking at doing: facial feminization sugery and breast, hip/buttocks augmentation are all procedures that will not have much impact from HRT. A pleasant surprise.

He even mentioned a local cosmetic surgeon who does free consultations. I will try to get that on camera as well and get info on the process. I am confident this guy will want to be on film.

So things are progressing. My Doctor says I'll be on anti-androgens for at least a month before we begin the big E. After a few months of anti androgens I'll go back and begin my laser hair removal. Now that I have my business partner with me, I'm certain I can get the laser hair removal for free and have it on camera.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sensory Massage

It is no secret I plan on doing porn once I go full-time. Sex work is a common reality for many gurls. Sometimes it is necessity, sometimes it is based on nymphomania and interest.

For my part, I find sensual massage very appealing. It would allow me to ensure the client is showered, by showering with s/he and use my hands to caress and relax them towards a very happy ending.

It reverses the payment plan as well. Sex becomes extra, with the massage/happy ending being the basic. The onus is on the client to pay extra to push his hard cock inside my lubed up boipussy instead of that being the goal and other add-ons like D/s stuff being extra.

Stress is such a horrible thing in our world today, and it is something I have suffered with a long time. I'd like to help my clients relax. My interest in hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and mindfullness programs makes me well suited to easing a man or woman's worries.

The environment will be peaceful, with a trickling foundation, soft binaural sounds to soothe, warm fresh towels, and hot oil. Doesn't it all sound so wonderful?

Telling my family I'm an escort is difficult. Telling them I'm a masseuse is a pretty lie.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once you go Black

A few years ago my friend Janine and I planned to go to a sex chat. We were talking on yahoo and giggling, imagining how we'd dress up and go to a sex club for real. We went into the chat room, and like doors of the club opening, the sex chat swallowed us up.

We lost each other right away. Five black guys independantly private messaged me, each of them telling me slightly modified versions of the same thing. They were talking so nice to me and I was so happy for the attention, but I couldn't focus on anything except shifting back and forth from one of them to the next, to the next, to the next.

Distantly Janine was messaging me, trying to figure out what we were going to do, but I had no idea. All I could do was read and respond to each of these five black guys. I had no time or focus for anything else.

They said things. It was consistent, but different for each guy. I'm special. I was born for black men. I'm supposed to be with black guys and it must be so hard pretending to like other kinds of guys. I was really confused, they all seemed to know what to say to make me melt, and then it got really confusing.

Each of these guys independently came up with the idea to write on my body. They wrote the kinds of things you saw last blog post. They talked to me constantly, and now that I think about it, they effectively cut me off from anyone else but their ideas. They told me that I was black's only now, and that once you go black you never go back.

I didn't even *think* of going back for two years.

This was all happening online, but it demonstrates the power of persuasion. Of course you can go back, I've done so, but even now the words have power. It makes us feel a certain way, and it becomes sticky to think like maple syrup poured over my pancake brain.

At the time I was surprised that no white guys messaged me, but now that I think about it, even if they had I wouldn't have seen them. I was too busy juggling these five black guys. I had a wonderful bunch of times on that sex chat, and hopefully I'll get that kind of gangbang loving in person. It boosts self esteem through the roof, but its a dangerous drug.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Body Writing

Something I've really liked for awhile is having my pale body written on. I like tattoos, plan on having several, but there is something truly electric about having people write things on my naked body, advertising various things. Whether its in marker or lipstick matters not to me. Heck maybe someday I'll have a PROPERTY OF SIMON tattoo like Tigerr Benson!

Black guys seem to agree. They write all sorts of stuff on bodies, usually about how we're all going to be with black guys only, and we're going to be so happy with our bellies full of black baby batter.

This is a form of neuro-linguistic programming. It is brainwashing. I've been told sometimes the way I speak is another form of NLP. I certainly don't intend that. I just exhale and say/type what comes to mind on instinct. I have ambitions and plans, but I've trained myself to respond on passion.

Even the saying "Once you Go Black, you Never go Back" is NLP. That's a form of brainwashing and, frankly, it works. I didn't even need to physically be with a black man to not go back for a period of two years.

More on that later...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

My Mom got me the best birthday present ever: laser hair removal!

I have six sessions coming up, and today I had decided to take my first. Mom drove me out there, which was good because it would have taken me several hours by TTC. It turns out it was extra good because I didn't get any laser done.

It was heart breaking because I had expected to begin this part of my journey and really feel like I could use a positive event right now, but the rationale makes sense. I was there to target the hair on my face, and because of a lifetime of shaving *phooey!* the hair on the face is tougher, and requires more treatments. Unless hormones can help me some of the way. The clinic owner was very honest and straight forward with me, and encourages me to come back after using hormones for a bit.

Disappointing, sure but the lady is AWESOME. Wendy is her name. She complimented me on my pic I showed her, and she's very supportive of my transition and of my documentary, and offered me discounts for promoting her to others.

This is such a big part of a transsexual's transition and has such high costs. I was shocked to find Wendy's prices are well below those of others, but her experience and success speaks for itself. She has several locations, is very friendly, and the place had free jacuzzi!

I meet with my Doctor on Wednesday and I am going to be very assertive. I want to begin anti androgens immediately. Enough waiting.

Any Greater Toronto Area girls who want to get laser done in a safe, comfortable, and trans-supportive place, leave a comment here, message me at my imagefap profile, or email me if its around here somewhere. I'll hook you up, and you'll be hooking me up too.

Man Quest

I had counselling today. Spent the whole hour talking about my partner and baby, how to keep them in my life, and how to improve theirs. I feel like I have a better understanding of timeline but I have to say I'm a bit sad that I spend so much time trying to make things peaceful, happy and safe, ignoring my own self, and she told me tonight she doesn't plan on getting me a bday gift. She didn't get me anything for our anniversaries or Valentine's either for two years.

I feel like she doesn't care.

I'm looking forward to June. Career movements happen there that may have me living lady fabulous back in Toronto, single and entertaining men this summer. I deserve this.

I deserve males. They quest... Hence the title. It isn't like I've had an enormous amount of experience with women, so please don't take this to mean there are no exceptions, but I feel like, based on my own experience and the experiences of others, females lack in most sectors of a relationship. They feel like they landed a boyfriend and now they can go limp and let him do everything, nagging all the way.

Males don't seem to feel that way. Not only are they oh so very hot and sexy with their deeper voices, hands, hard bodies, and force of personalities, but they are builders, warriors, they make things happen.

When a man desires me, he shows it. He makes his presence known, and if he actually cares, seeks to improve my life with displays of affection. They are rewarded. It isn't expected or demanded, it is given freely and appreciated.

Shemales share that value with males, unsurprisingly. It often will come in the form of our willingness to sexually worship our mate, or an outfit worn, or a massage or pampering given. It can even be a simple and clear praise.

I am so grateful for male attention, and for all the males out there who don't try to murder me.

You're all aces.

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