Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doctors Orders

I have had my first Doctor's appointment since beginning Spironolactone three weeks ago and it was interesting. My usual Doctor is away on vacation, and in his stead is a young, tall, gay Doctor who is doing co-op hours I think. He's eager and going extra miles that most Doctors wouldn't.

He was new to me, so he asked a lot of the usual introduction questions. The appointment ended up being about my sexuality, sexual experiences, blood tests for the hormone levels and potassium levels, and Doctor's orders...

He told me I need to go get fucked by men. It is difficult to go and get fucked by all the men in the universe when my boobs are fake and I'm not living full-time fabulous yet, but it is very difficult not to have boyfriends and sex since I need it so much.

The Doctor suggests that I try having sex even just dressed and do it lots so I am making an informed decision when jumping into hormones, orchiectomy, and face lifts and such.

Who will help me with my Doctor's orders? LoL.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bye Bye Bananas

I tried to blog this a few times earlier in the month but my home life situation has become really busy with house guests. Not a great way to find dildo time, let me tell you!

I've been on Spironolactone for three weeks now and while I think most of this is in my head, I do notice some changes. Of course I am peeing more. I also feel more tired at the end of the day, though that could be due to having a 9-5 boycage day job.

My princess doesn't get hard as easily anymore, which I am pleased about. She can still get hard and have orgasms, but most of the time I just diddle and don't make cummies anyways, I just like the flirting with people and sexy mind.

The biggest change is that I feel more docile. I feel more pleasant, everyone is noticing me smiling more, seeming more happy, I'm slower to anger, slower to worry, and I don't even get road rage ^_^.

The thing with Spironolactone is that you must be careful about Potassium intake. It is a Potassium sparing diuretic, meaning it pees out all the vitamins and minerals and waste and stuff, but it doesn't pee out Potassium.

That doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but for someone like me who loves a big banana in my mouth, it can be dangerous. I'm having a banana twice a week now, and pending blood work, I will step it up to once every three days, then two days. I want to be safe but I gotta have big yellow in my mouth!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laser by Compassion

I had my first laser hair removal session yesterday at an Asian spa. I just feel safer confiding in other Asians, go figure. The woman is quite kind to me, as are her associates. I've made a point of telling people I meet up front that I'm trans. While I may not look the part yet, I have no desire to keep this secret from new contacts. I have enough existing contacts that do not know yet.

The procedure was very straight forward. I shave the area three days earlier, in this case my Brazilian and bikini regions, and then she slathers me up with gel, puts eye covers on me, and zaps the follicles.

There wasn't much pain at all. It felt like tiny needles, very similar to acupuncture. The moments of discomfort were brief and there was no aching or redness afterwards. I am very pale and redness happens every time I shave.

I bought more units, and we talked about my documentary briefly. We can discuss that further later, I didn't want to get into at the moment with her, but she is kind and in 15 days I will shave my entire lower body and go back for another treatment.

I think this is going to be an effective and affordable way of tackling this issue. I will begin anti androgens this week, which will also help, but the lady said that because I have not been shaving these areas for much of my life as vigorously as genetic females do, the hair will be less difficult to eliminate. I shall be smooth and pale forever, wuahahahaha!

If you have questions about laser hair removal, I will attempt to answer them. Also I forgot to mention on my last blog post but thank you SO much for the kindess you've shown me and my friend. Her situation is incurable but Doctor's say she may be able to live for many years before experiencing any symptoms.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cosmetic Conferences

I had a pretty great opportunity to go to a lecture a renown US Doctor in the Feminization field was putting on. It was a good time to ask some questions, meet some others like me, some who had had some great work done, and also to see a power point presentation showing lots of before and after shots of trans women he had worked on.

I'm really encouraged by the experience. The price tag aside, it confirms my feelings about what is possible and how fabulous I will be. It is also interesting to learn what aspects a Doctor sees within me already that can be enhanced, and what parts need work that I hadn't anticipated.

It appears my eyes are already very Asian, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet someone like me, who feels they were meant to be Asian as well, and we had a nice conversation. The Doctor helped her achieve a more Asian heritage look and she and I are pleased. He says he has never met any others aside from she and I who feel this urge.

I also found it fascinating that many individuals, including the aforementioned Asian inspired new half, wanted to have work done so they could more easily straddle the gender line and pass as male or female when required.

I know a lot of people have strong feelings about cosmetic surgery and the pressure society places on genetic and non genetic females to look pleasing and adhere to standards of beauty. Without denial, I think there needs to be more understanding for those non genetic females who do not come out of the box looking feminine. There were girls at the lecture last night that did not require any work to look more beautiful than 99.9% of woman ALREADY.

What really matters though, and what I look forward to, is passing. I want to look like a woman so I can express my creativity and fashion. It is the imagination of the individual that decides whether others will find them attractive or not. I do not mean "eye of the beholder" I mean inception. Showbiz doesn't end on broadway, and if you want to be perceived a certain way you must take appropriate action.
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