Friday, December 30, 2011

Fairy Tales

While we're supporting fabulous things, check out the following video.

"I know exactly what I want and who I want to be." Marina and the Diamonds.

It brings the subject of fairy tales to mind and I love some of the fairy tale characters and find them very worthy to emulate in sexy photo shoots!

I was always drawn towards the villainess, their motives were often more honest and seemed something I can relate to rather than the heroine's perspective. Maleficient, the Evil Queen, Azula, they were flawed and human and desparate to clutch to whatever they had. They felt envy, my capital sin, and they had their thirsts for lust and wrath, the other sins I most competently practice.

Snow White and the Huntsman is going to be epic.

Ironically aside from their diva qualities and emotional instability, they bare little resemblance to me when it comes to the bedroom. I seriously doubt Maleficent gets uber submissive when she has her panties taken off and her legs lifted up as I do.

Holy crap I just typed "ladyboy sorceress" into google images and got my own caption! The internet knows all! Bow before me and let me consume your sex! I am someday become the personification of the scarlet woman wuahahahaha! Tremble as you give me your seed!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mako Pictures

I was pointed towards these fun TG movies by a dear friend.

Mako Pictures are great efforts and you can see the improvements in quality and acting in each subsequent venture. I think it is immensely important to support these sorts of ventures as they are few and far between.

My personal favourite is The Black Rabbit, for obvious reasons I will now cite.

A spy sort of guy finds his wife captured and he wakes up in a dark creepy room. He is transformed into an Asian woman and given a new mission. Of course in true TG fantasy tradition he goes through a number of stages:

1. Confusion. Omg what did you do to me? Bitch gets angry.

2. Engrish. Oh nos you made my brain change so I can't speak English!

3. Wow this body feels so much better than my male body. Also: flowers are nice.

4. Men are yummy, what was I thinking liking girls? I am a girl so I have to be hetero, natch.

While yes, they are cross dreamer fictions and they don't specifically relate to or support being transgender, I think it is worth supporting, especially given how many of us enjoy TG fiction.

Racing Stripes

I decided to finally get with the new technology and add some popular features to my blog. The picture below illustrates where you can find my new question period thingy Formspring and if you like a post you might like some of the other blog posts listed right below!

Can I get a picture to show y'all what I mean?

Damn skippy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Out to Daddy

My Dad knows now, and that was pretty scary. I was over at his place last Sunday with my Brother and we were unable to tell him. Oh, didn't I mention: my Brother came out as gay last week. Fascinating, isn't it?

So after leaving his place on Sunday my Brother calls him and outs us both over the phone. Not ideal, but the bandaid needed removing. It doesn't matter, he loves us, is what he said.

We met him earlier this week to talk and discuss more and it was awkward but he is being supportive. He wants to help, and I explained my financial situation. He says he has contacts who would pay for me. I was shocked. It wasn't a maybe, he has rich business partners who will buy my body. The catch it that they have to like me. I hope I am likable.

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would help me financially. My Dad says I don't understand how much money people have and how willing they are to help improve special people's lives.

I hope they see how special I am, and agree with the goals I have set out before me as mentioned all over this slutty blog.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sex Stories

I've always really enjoyed reading erotica. My first forays into sexuality and sexual imagination were on and surrounded mind control.

While the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive has taken a transphobic approach regarding content, I continue to visit because there are a lot of yummy stories there.

I have written a few stories myself. They are designed to be short snapshots of a situation that may have an earlier beginning or a later end. I have no plans to continue these stories, but they certainly are open enough to be continued.

I enjoy turning out, as I've said before, so these stories deal with the changing of a person's sexuality by a more persuasive person. A concept I find delicious.

I am including the links to the stories from Nifty's story archive. I feel Nifty's site is one of the more inclusive erotica sites out there and I want to support that. Sadly it is text without style sheet.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Going Through Changes

The Almighty Estrogen is having its way with me at an alarming and unexpected rate.

To confirm: I take two pumps of Estrogel in the morning, along with 200mg Spironolactone.

A tube of Estrogel lasts one month. I finished my first and so let's discuss One month results using pictures of the my truest heroes, the utterly fabulous Jessica Fox.

I typically pump onto each inner thigh and rub in, but I have begun alternating with my abdomen as well because as the season changes, dry skin must be avoided.

My face is fuller, rounder, softer features. I have a significant reduction in growth time for facial hair. I was told Estrogen does not have an effect on facial hair growth. I am surprised. I am being told how I look different, but people cannot place it. Those who know can tell outright my face has softened.

Body hair in other places has also had a significant reduction in regrowth and is sporadically not regrowing in areas, for example the arms. Leg hair has almost entirely given up growing at all. Luckily I keep smooth otherwise I'd look quite odd. While I have been doing laser hair removal, I have not done anywhere except the Brazilian/bikini area so this is Estrogen and Spiro talking.

The hair on my head has thickened, become silkier, and is growing at a faster rate. Okay seriously what is going on here? We've all read countless articles stating Queen E won't affect facial hair or the hair on your head. I have a blood test this week so we shall see what is up, but I like to think I'm soaking up hormones like flowers do sunshine because it is my destiny.

The pores of my skin have reduced, my complexion is even smoother, and my skin softer. I am not yet susceptible to heat and cold, as far as I can tell.

People smell different. I find myself.. catching a masculine scent in the air that seems quite noticeable but I ask others and nobody notices. Maybe it is in my head...

My itsy bitsy spider doesn't run up any water spouts now. She is very difficult to get hard despite lovely and overwhelming arousal and she is just lazy omg. I have to work so hard to keep her hard. This is all in the interest of science of course! Ladies and Gentlemen, I can assure you:I don't pitch I catch.

The moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for, which is why I left it until now... Mama Mei's nipples are WAY sensitive. Like ow easily and Ooh la la even easier! Also, my cleavage is deeper. This is, as far as I have read, unusual for one month into the big E.

Thanks Jessica Fox for being fabulous and helping me with this Estrogen update.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plastic Plans

I had an amazing time with the Doctor on Tuesday. They were kind and patient and embraced my uniqueness. They are excited to work with me, and they are excited to be a part of my documentary.

The Doctor helped me understand the various methods and options I have available for plastic surgery and feminization and together we prioritized a plan.

I was very pleased with their honest praise regarding parts of me that did not require modification, my nose as one example, and I am uplifted by the plan we have.

Five hours of surgery on one day and I'll be living full time. That isn't to say I won't want additional procedures later, but this will put me in a position to flip the switch and be the ladyboy I am, in public.

Brow lift, breast implants, lipo and a tummy tuck, and injections in my chin, cheeks, and lips will be the procedures that take place in that day.

Males have lower brows than females, and so in order to capitalize on my Asian looking eyes and have a more feminine face that does not make putting on eye shadow both a chore and a waste, a brow lift will happen. Five tiny incisions at my hair line on my forehead will pave the way for the endoscopic procedure. Endoscopic surgery is that terrifying snake tube with the camera on it.

Biodegradable anchors will be placed on the front of my skull and the brow will be lifted and hinged onto the anchors like we might hang a coat. The healing process finds the anchors vanishing after the flesh has re-adhered to the skull.

Because my skin is tight, 40D breasts are not an option immediately. The Doctor would do a healthy C cup for me right away, but he believes the Becker method will be a better choice. Becker implants are inflatable.

330ml of saline/silicon implants are installed. A small tube is under the skin at the arm pit and is used to inject additional liquid into the implant every few days or weeks. This process allows the skin time to gracefully expand until the full 550ml D cup breasts I want are achieved.

Liposuction is straight forward. In order to avoid the lumpiness of regaining weight we used to hear about in the 90s and early 2000s, Doctors now criss cross a latticework to evenly remove fat.

The tummy tuck is what is really special. An expensive procedure on it's own, the tummy tuck will be the forerunner for giving a feminine shape. The abdominal muscles are cut in the center and in beneath, in addition to a tuck in and south, the muscles are stitched together in a tighter fashion on the sides, which pulls the flanks inwards and provides the shapeliness of the hourglass.

The injections to cheek, lips, and chin add fullness and, in the case of the chin, fills in the cleft.

The total for these procedures will be $23000 CDN after taxes. Financing is available, but who knows if I qualify. Still, I feel uplifted by the prospect of being lady fabulous close at hand.

I do want to have hip and buttocks enhancement, but the Doctor said that doing a turn in the middle of surgery makes things more complicated and costs a lot more. I will return for those procedures afterwards as they do not prevent me from living full time and they, above all others, hormones will affect.

Plus he says my bum is already good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am so very Lucky

As I progress with estrogen and anti androgens, and get the chance to dress more frequently, to acquire the clothes and shoes and accessories I desire, to express myself with the hairstyles and makeup that I feel represent me, I find myself increasingly happy.

I'm in a miserable relationship, trapped in a place with no privacy, drowned with two jobs just to pay off my partner's credit card debt. I have zero savings and without financing my documentary cannot be produced. Yet I am still making the right choice.

Perhaps I'm not living as myself every day yet, but I am so very very lucky to be a ladyboy, shemale, transwoman, t-girl, sissy, etc. I am so very lucky to be me.

I have read from many t-girls that they wish they could stop, that they could be what society expects them to be, but they can't. I can't either. We R who We R. I heart Ke$ha.

I don't feel that way. I never have. Regardless of how bad things may get, I am blessed, not cursed, to be third gender, katoey, newhalf. Shemale. Proud.

I made a few captions to illustrate the point. Gallery found here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Consulting Plastic

Nov 22 I have a consultation with another plastic surgeon I met at the Everything to do with Sex show.

Previously I had met a plastic surgeon who had suggested a number of procedures for my face that would total 30 000.

This new Doctor said he wouldnt' touch a lot of my face, and instead we'd focus on brow and jaw. That sounds more financially reasonable.

In addition he said it is likely he could do face and body in one day, he will do 6-7 hours of surgery at a time.

I'm very excited, despite the cost, because he has financing options available and, most importantly, he seems more interested in my documentary, which ought to give me a bargaining chip.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


My life became so hectic after Halloween that I really hadn't had a chance to sit down and contemplate what happened and explain to you.

I went dressed as Rainbow Brite to the Bovine Sex Club on Halloween with my friends. It was fun, I danced so much my legs hurt for an entire week. I've never felt so free to dance before.

We ordered cosmopolitans, and since we were in a rock club we got dirty looks from the bartenders every time we did, but they were joking and super nice.

I had women coming out of the crowd to get my attention and congratulate me on my costume. Three times the women were then spooked to realize I was a ladyboy.

Despite the compliments I did not receive much attention from boys. It would be easy for me to feel lower self esteem but honestly it wasn't about me. I got tons of positive looks, I would catch them staring at my legs and checking me out, but they never made their moves.

Then I realized, boys are cowards. They suffer from overwhelming peer pressure. Men don't huge, they don't wear certain colours, they don't use words like fabulous and they don't pursue any potentially homoerotic situations while surrounded by their rock and roll buddies.

I had guys approach me and then as soon as they realized I was a ladyboy they honestly jaw-dropped and backed away.

Next time I'll skip the rock and roll, and just go straight to the shemale sex club, Goodhandy's.

It surprises me that boys will let a tiny little thing between my legs keep them from a good time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shemale Dick Patrol

Miss Anonymous asks:

I want to get a dildo with a suction cup for training purposes. I have been using skinny broom sticks for practice. They are about 3/4" wide. I can get about 7 or almost 8" in without too much discomfort. What length and width and color should I get? Is there anything else I need to know about buying a dildo, except not to have a nervous breakdown at the adult bookstore when I am standing at the counter asking for what I want?

That's a great question. When I was at the Everything to do with Sex show, this was exactly what we discussed.

I recommend a cyberskin dong, they look and feel realistic. When you store it, cover it in corn starch powder and keep it in a separate bag than your other toys.

You'll be standing there whimpering, trying to decide dark and white meat. In my experience, the sales girls love watching the dilemma unfold and, again in my experience, they are amused when you bring a gorgeous black toy to cash with a blush.

I'm also a fan of balls. I want to feel them press against me as I take Mr. Toy deep.

You can also get vibrating options in some of the dongs, with different speeds or, in the case of my friend who I am so jealous of... intermittent and random buzzing pulses.

Don't be a hero and get a mammoth dong your first time out. These 6-7 inches look incredible.

Have fun with the experience: the fear, the shame, the choices, the positive salesgirls, and the outcome.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Everything to do with Sex

I'm going to the Everything to do with Sex show tomorrow with my sistas and we're going in in fabulous fashionable style!

I really enjoyed my experience a few years ago and look forward to walking around as myself finally and getting some positive attention.

Ideally I'd like to go unnoticed, ghost, but if that doesn't happen I'll settle for flirting over fighting.

I very likely will pick up some bed sheets, something frilly, and something that goes vrrrrrrmmmmmm.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

BBC demands Reblog!

After visiting Josie T-Girl.

Halloween Brite

I picked up my Halloween costume from the post office today. Friday I'm going to a Burlesque show in Toronto and will be looking to practice my booty shake.

Run my ass.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I picked up my estrogel prescription and have taken my first dose. Two squirts of the clear gel onto inner thighs and then a rub in is all it takes. It is cool to the touch and dries in 2 minutes and doesn't have any strong smell or sensation.

Easy breezy beautiful future girl.

Additionally my Doctor told me to take two spiro pills daily as well, doubling my anti androgen dosage.

I'm well on my way so smooth and femmy fantastic.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Limp and loving it

Hormones have won the battle and I am waving my flag proudly. My little princess is limp and quite happy.

She makes such tingly cummies now that she doesn't get hard and nestles easily into my panties to make the cutest bulges.

There are a lot of people who have ideas about what they like in a shemale sex partner. Do you like us hung and hard, or limp and tiny?

What do you think about a castrated ladyboy, does that excite you?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been really lucky to be included as one of Smitty's recurring characters.

He's created such an exciting personification of some of my personality traits and I quite like being the villain at times as well. He's helped spread my mei-isms and he's helped promote my blog.

Thank you Smitty for including me.

Everyone take a look at me! I mean take a look at Smitty's blog so you can see me! ... And other great captions he does! I even have my own tag on his blog.

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