Monday, February 27, 2012

Becoming Mei in May, maybe?

I've never been so close before! My family has shocked and overwhelmed me with a sudden burst of financial support. Mother, Brother, Aunt, and Father have all pledged donations for me to ensure I can get a few of the surgeries I need to be full-time as soon as...


Yes, I'm finalizing details and have been talking with a Doctor back and forth. I'll be heading to Bangkok Thailand to have breast augmentation and one of either waist or face alterations. I have not yet decided, it really comes down to techniques being used, and cost.

I will be filming the surgeries and my Thailand trip pre and post surgery, including what I hope will be interviews with the front line katoey heroes of Bangkok in addition to the Doctor who will be performing his medical wizardy to reincarnate this Scarlet Woman into being.

I'm almost at my goal of 10 000 of your American dollars; only a few thousand remain to be collected. However, I've run out of family members so now I set my sights to the creative.

I am so eager to be able to do the videos and adult content personally for this blog that I have longed for and expressed via the use of captions and others. The time is approaching where I can bring in extra funds with cam work and potentially with revenue from an adult site I plan on launching, or just plain old fashioned happy ending massages.

To meet my goal I am asking that you donate. 

To express my sincerest thanks for contributions exceeding twenty-five of your American dollars I will send you an autographed copy of a professional and altogether sexy portrait, taken post Thailand.

For such brazenly generous contributions as to exceed fifty of your American dollars, I will send you a happy video message with a flash of my store bought biscuits, taken post Thailand.

You deliciously helpful individuals who donate amounts exceeding one hundred American dollars will have both the previous, plus I'll write your name and any message you want on my pale lady fabulous body so the world can know I intend to be happy advertising of your generosity. Taken post Thailand.

I certainly would entertain any other ideas of how I can show appreciation for those who are helping me at this important time.

If you are interested, please email me at and we will discuss further.
Do what's right; help Mei become a sex object tonight.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Mei

I came like a princess this weekend. Wow so much joy rolling around in bed, pale and dark entwined is naturally sexy.

While I was awaiting my pleasure partner I took the opportunity to snap a few photos I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to my growing shoe addiction. Send me shoes and I'll show them off!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Show a little cleavage

I had a pretty great weekend. I went to a comedy club and nobody seemed to notice that I was transtastic. Not even those who hadn't met me before in our own entourage! "Why do you keep saying 'he'?" Jessica and Amanda were questioned by their friend when they succumbed to the slip of tongue.

"Oh... just a mistake" was the reply from Amanda, a new hero for my comic book life.

Sunday was more casual. Board games with my pals in "the nerd herd" as I affectionately refer to them. It was a first for most of them seeing me dressed, and it went off without a hitch! Very supportive friends, all, and each of them doing their best not to stare at the buffet of boobs that I presented.

Yes, my boobs are flowering! It is funny how I wake up and don't really notice until one day I fill out a dress better than expected. Sure, I'm wearing breast forms, but I've figured a way to sort of push them to the side behave like a push up bra while still giving the larger shape. Even naked my boobs are clearly larger than before, yay hormones, yay science, yay boobies!

Wall of boobs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changing rooms

I've been shopping more lately. Now that things are beginning to settle in the new house, boxes are vanishing and in their stead interiors are designed, it seems like a good idea to return to one of my favourite past-times: shopping.

A few of my co-workers, one in particular, have become great friends and shopping partners and we're even going clubbing on Saturday! In order to be prepared, I wanted to get a nice top and skirt going, but in all honesty without breasts it is extremely difficult to find a top.

Tops in today's trends have lace, or are see through. They have thin straps and low backs or plunging necklines. I went out three lunch breaks in a row and each time came up empty handed. Without real breasts, I won't be having much luck finding tops to go with my now six or seven skirts.

Instead I returned to old faithful, dresses. I went back to Le Chateau outlet with a coworker on lunch break today and tried on dresses. I went into the stall, put the dresses on, and showed them off with the door open. Nobody minded. Why had I waited this long to do this, I wonder?

Five fabulous dresses tried on, two fabulous dresses purchased. Efficient lunch hour, n'est pas?

Tomorrow I set my sights on shoes and accessories. I'll be wearing a cute black dress and have to contemplate whether I round house kick the world with colourful red heels, or go for purple and grab the clutch my dear friend Shaun gave me for Christmas, or go classic black pump. I'm told every lady needs a classic black pump.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trouble with Travelling

This is such a roller coaster, being trans and struggling to make it happen in a fabulous gender quest. There is a lot of fear and sadness, as well as the fuck and joy.

I still need to find money to get my surgeries in Thailand, but now it has become clear this will be a difficult task, as the Canadian government's position on traveling transpeople is not a positive one.

Of course it isn't a punishment to be forced to live and work in Bangkok after being rejected from your own country. It is a blessing when you're from as morally backwards a place as Canada.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dreaming Solo

I used to have such vivid dreams, I wrote tv scripts to express the endless flow of imaginative, recurring concepts that came to life as I slept. I can't remember the last time I had a dream.

That was until the first night I slept alone in my new bed. I've had vivid, intensely sexy, imaginative, and very trans focused dreams every single night since moving into my own room.

well the first night i dreamt about the same concept as the one tv show i have had pretty decent feedback about the city is under attack and stuff, very like toronto warzone ish and im leading a group of people i know to resist, and then i go into a dress shop and the lady is expecting me and she gets me into a pretty dress and helps me be so pretty and then she opens the curtain and they are all there and its like im coming out to them.

The next night I had a dream I was talked into being a ladyboy pet for a black family in a very run down creepy house. It was so visual and sexy and as with all these dreams I felt so very very much vulnerability and submissive. I recall struggling with some tasks like cleaning the run down crack-ish house but being so hopelessly dazed for how the matriarch of the house especially talked to me.

Last night was a James Bond spy night. I had a spy plane and attended a sexy party where I made friends with a flirt as much a flirt as me and we did a get away being chased by the bad guys.

I'm eager to be on my back in bed again!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I apologize for being away so long. I hit a depressing spot and then was sucked into a whirlwind of packing, moving, and unpacking. Firefighters are very sexy when they move heavy things.

I'm now living in a big house with my Mom, brother, the mother of my daughter, and my daughter. It is cramped, but free babysitting, and I have my own room. It is purple. ^_^

All that is in the room is a king size mattress and my computer, and I hope to do some webcam whoring soon.

I've been yearning really badly for my friend Jessica to sprinkle me with that gentle dominant personality again. Must be since I had this dream...

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