Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bull Tattoo

I'm a taurus girl, as previously posted. Years ago I got a tattoo to prove it. It is a bit masculine for my tastes. Some have suggested modifying it to be more feminine. What to do though? Or ought I leave it, a little bad ass on my pale white skin?

I would very much like to get many colourful star pattern tattoos, and lots of other tattoos I haven't though up yet haha. If you have ideas for what should be tattooed on me I'd love to hear it!

Newest toy!

I haven't opened up my tentacle dildo from Japan yet. I want that to be a special experience. However I was easily talked into picking up this rabbit toy today at a sex shop. I was there yesterday and the lady was so amazing, she even wrote my blog link down. Hi C! You're totally fabulous!

I bought this precious toy and will go back and buy more, especially if C gets commission. Here is a silent movie of its functionality, minus the vibrating motor sounds. It is late so I had to keep my voice down! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Love the Cock

I don't get an opportunity to play with my sex toys very often. The threat of family knocking on my door looms always. In fact every night I've done cam they have called, nagged, and knocked repeatedly. I can play with him in my mouth and show him off but I can't put him in my special place like I want to so much.

I want to do more. I want to have many sex, fun videos, group sex, obey a couple and make them happiness. I want to fuck so many ways. I love the cock. I really do, it's hardly a secret. I'm glad I can show it and that it comes through on camera like I hoped.

I really want one of those I love the cock tank tops. Where shall I find?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Cam Take two!

I'm so happy doing cam work, I feel like it is confirmation my nature calling is being a porn star. Thanks to Steve for the pretty blue lingerie I wore on cam tonight. Here are a few pics below. I am so very proud and excited to wear the presents you send on cam. I am so proud to be watched and enjoyed, soon I must get gangbanged on webcam, agreed?!

Thanks Steve! I get so excited wearing what men buy me.

A couple of black guys on fetlife were discussing how good my pale goes against their dark. I concur.

Not sure what i was thinking here

First Cam night

I was in the car driving home from work today when The Kinks, Lola came on. How fitting. I thought about the high school friends I had who loved that song, one in particular. Strange how when I came out to him he cut off all contact with me. Why like the song but not the girls?

So I did my first webcam tonight. Nothing for pay just some fun to have a sexy time. Picture below! I will do it again many time. Oh ya! That toy at the bottom is from my coworker. It is a Japanese tentacle dildo vibrator. It will be unopened and first enjoyed on video.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a regular work day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busty Girl Comics

I had my first boob-squish hug this past weekend. What a delightful and altogether uncomfortable feeling. The comic above really does the experience justice, except for the no hugs. Hugs forever. has become one of my favourite website watering holes. It is a great place for some laughs, experiences I can now easily relate to, and good conversation about the sexualization of women via their boobs. I'm all for sexy, but I'm much too smart and creative to deserve being sexualized. The difference is frequently discussed at

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working Girl

I guess this is sort of a pic of the day thing. I haven't blogged as much because, well I'm living full-time so I haven't had as much to discuss. Or have I? I will take more pics of me and post them here. 

I was too terrified to go to work for the first two days. My experience being stared at by families in a Subway restaurant left me so rattled that I didn't leave my house. Once the time off became unpaid I didn't have a choice. I trudged on to work with a shaky step. Many of my coworkers are supportive friends, and they continued to be so. Some unlikely coworkers were plentiful with their praise and support as well. Allies in all sorts of places. Still, I was afraid to be in elevators, hallways, the parking lot, and the cafeteria the building and all the tenants share. I am still afraid of strangers.

A dear friend hypnotized me so I would feel less anxiety. I would only notice the smiling faces, he suggested. Let the grumpy staring people be forgotten in the fog of no thoughts. Bimbo magic.
It works. I went in the next day, and each day since, becoming increasingly comfortable and noticing fewer and fewer stares. In fact I had to ask reception how many people were on vacation, because it honestly seems to me that about 30 of our 104 people are at work. The other cubicles are empty. Reception confirmed what I already sort of knew: everyone was at work, I just couldn't see them because of their stares.

Now a week later I sit in the cafeteria downstairs. I don't go down with the lunch rush, but this is 3pm.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back in Toronto

Howdy friends! I wanted to contact you from Thailand but I wasn't able to do so. Thailand internet laws are interesting...

I'm back in Toronto and back to this crazy life of mine. I'm feeling better but still soreness is omnipresent. I now have 500ml cohesive gel breast implants, and I love them! The implants were placed beneath the muscle via an incision under the arm. This will mean no angry scars showing, and gives a more natural looking boobfest. Oh ya, I also went with the semi circle implants, not the Baywatch semi circle but regular girl semi circle, rather than the teardrop because my breast shape to start had already been heavy on bottom slim on top. This evens it out.

I didn't end up going with the brow changes because I wasn't comfortable with the side effects. Instead of had blepharoplasty, the removal of the hood on my upper eye lid. This allows my eye shape to show more obviously which means eye shadow is no longer wasted. Because of the money I was able to save not doing brow and jaw work (the jaw is just weight, and will go with time as my anticipated activities are aerobic and fun) I can do another procedure, maybe an endoscopic brow lift here in Canada, or focus on booty enhancement or hip enhancement.

I'm still jet lagged, and I'm feeling very scared. When I went to Subway to eat with a friend, families were staring at me. I suspect it is the facial shadow that, even while concealed, is giving me away. I have a laser hair removal appointment tomorrow morning with a stronger laser than before. I'm using a diode laser, and will need probably 6-8 treatments with 4-5 weeks separating them. This is going to be an ongoing fear for me, being discovered.

I haven't gone to work for the past two days. I am not afraid of my coworkers, I'm afraid of the other thousand people in the building. Being stared at in elevators, hallways, parking lots. I am just very scared.

I'll be blogging more frequently now that I'm back where my adult content blog is allowed to be viewed.

Sparkles and rainbows,
Full time Mei
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