Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion Fantasies

A big part of my excitement about this journey is to finally be able to express myself creatively, in fashion. I'm all about colour and style. The right accessories, the cutest shoes, and dresses. So many dresses.

I really enjoy Le Chateau. Its like Mecca. Suzy Shier has some nice stuff, and so does Banana Republic I recently learned. I'd love to know other places to get dresses similar to these.

What are your fashion fantasies?


  1. That's really cool! Fashion is such an exciting way to express femininity. I'm going to school to become a fashion designer. It is so wonderful when I'm looking at fashion magazines, fashion shows, and going to women's stores and it's all research, homework for school. The best part is what nobody knows; being a fashion designer, I can express my femme side, I can design the clothes that I would like to wear. I have a lot to learn, but I'm loving every minute of learning it.

  2. Oh gosh that's fantastic Amy! I'm slowly learning also about which kind of dresses would suit my curvy figure. The above were several I came to the conclusion of.

    I also know like simple rules like for me, to show off my tush and make my torso look thinner I wear dark up to bright on bottoms.

    Do you have any fashion hints or places I should shop in Canada?


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