Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laser by Compassion

I had my first laser hair removal session yesterday at an Asian spa. I just feel safer confiding in other Asians, go figure. The woman is quite kind to me, as are her associates. I've made a point of telling people I meet up front that I'm trans. While I may not look the part yet, I have no desire to keep this secret from new contacts. I have enough existing contacts that do not know yet.

The procedure was very straight forward. I shave the area three days earlier, in this case my Brazilian and bikini regions, and then she slathers me up with gel, puts eye covers on me, and zaps the follicles.

There wasn't much pain at all. It felt like tiny needles, very similar to acupuncture. The moments of discomfort were brief and there was no aching or redness afterwards. I am very pale and redness happens every time I shave.

I bought more units, and we talked about my documentary briefly. We can discuss that further later, I didn't want to get into at the moment with her, but she is kind and in 15 days I will shave my entire lower body and go back for another treatment.

I think this is going to be an effective and affordable way of tackling this issue. I will begin anti androgens this week, which will also help, but the lady said that because I have not been shaving these areas for much of my life as vigorously as genetic females do, the hair will be less difficult to eliminate. I shall be smooth and pale forever, wuahahahaha!

If you have questions about laser hair removal, I will attempt to answer them. Also I forgot to mention on my last blog post but thank you SO much for the kindess you've shown me and my friend. Her situation is incurable but Doctor's say she may be able to live for many years before experiencing any symptoms.


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