Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ask Mei

Wow formspring is really neat! I've already had a few questions and I'm happy to answer!

If you could make one person fall in love with you, who would it be?

Myself. Aww no seriously, I met Bradley Cooper and I totally ran away when he invited me to his hotel room. I would repeat the process, but this time I'd make him fall under my mei spell. Having more self-confidence means getting laid by Bradley Cooper.

Do you flirt with cab drivers, offering 'service' for free rides?

I flirt with EVERYONE; the Tim Horton's girl, the old Asian lady at the variety store, the taxi drive sharing his story about being a Baby Daddy to eleven different children! I flirt with everyone, but it rarely goes beyond a smile and a ray of sunshine in a day.

How was your threesome?

I didn't have it yet. I haven't felt right about having sex when I've been living with the woman I built a baby with. I spoke to her tonight and told her that I honestly, truly cannot repress my instincts to mate with males any longer. I need men to fuck me and I am going crazy quickly. She will sleep in another bedroom but we are still friends and family, just not a couple and we both need to accept that.

When did you realize you were sexually attracted to men?

Very good question. I remember having strong instincts towards several males when I was much too young, so let's not talk about that. I will simply leave it at very young. Instead let's look at the more practical reasoning.

When I was in grade 7 I had a hard time. I was in the gym class and all the boys mocked me for having a girl body and breasts. Then they got all the girls together and chanted in a parade up and down the village I lived in "Jeremy has breasts! Jeremy has breasts!" That freaked me out so I shrunk and hid. Whatever ladyboy I would have become earlier was squashed by that and a single parent stress family and I went into hiding.

I found the internet. I had a 286, dial-up from York University my Mom paid 10 bucks for and after BBS'ing my friend, who is now a cop, introduced me to mIRC. Because I'm as girly as I am, the moment I stepped into internet chat rooms I was swarmed by male attention. I liked it. I liked how men talked to me and were persuasive and how very sexy their presence could be. I found males sexually attractive for their personalities and power before their puberty taught me their pheromones were heroin.

I'm glad to answer your questions and it often gives me direction on what to share. Please do keep prying.

Sparkles and rainbows,


  1. Thank you for answering my question about when you started to realise your attraction to men and for being so honest. You have one of the best blogs on the web. You are such an inspiration. I had similar experiences in school. My sexual awakening came when I started looking at the pictures in Playgirl and Playboy. My friend had both magazines. The girls in Playboy were incredibly good looking, and I often aspired to look like them and BE them, but the men in Playgirl were absolutely mesmerising. I loved everything about them.

  2. Wow Sandy I really appreciate you asking me the question, and also I want to thank you for sharing your experience too!


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