Thursday, April 19, 2012

Star Sapphire @ FanExpo

I'm so excited to do all the things that I've always wanted to, once I return from Thailand as Mei 2.0.
My little bulge will be showing in on Toronto beaches this summer, and one of the bigger events I like to indulge in each summer is Fan Expo, the largest nerd fest in Toronto.

Many of my friends cosplay, but I have never done so. I very much want to cosplay this year. I love Star Sapphire, but I haven't lost enough weight to do the more recent of her costumes. Instead I will do my favourite.

Part of what makes cosplay so fascinating is that I cannot buy this costume in stores. I must make it myself. The talent of cosplayers amazes me, and while I feel this is a daunting task, I am eager to give it a big effort. I'll be doing a white corset in place of the white area in the middle I think, which will help give an even more exaggerated hourglass. My huge store bought boobies will be shoved into almost obscene cleavage.. I plan on showing them off.

The real sticky situation is whether to convert my version of Star Sapphire's costume to be a dress, thus hiding the leotard crotch area, and my little sleeping princess in her bulging nest. She is not big, but it would be impossible not to notice.

Do I dare let the nerd hoard at Fan Expo see I am sexy ladyboy, or do I opt for an easier time, and hide my bulge and let them just dream without knowing my secret?

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