Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working Girl

I guess this is sort of a pic of the day thing. I haven't blogged as much because, well I'm living full-time so I haven't had as much to discuss. Or have I? I will take more pics of me and post them here. 

I was too terrified to go to work for the first two days. My experience being stared at by families in a Subway restaurant left me so rattled that I didn't leave my house. Once the time off became unpaid I didn't have a choice. I trudged on to work with a shaky step. Many of my coworkers are supportive friends, and they continued to be so. Some unlikely coworkers were plentiful with their praise and support as well. Allies in all sorts of places. Still, I was afraid to be in elevators, hallways, the parking lot, and the cafeteria the building and all the tenants share. I am still afraid of strangers.

A dear friend hypnotized me so I would feel less anxiety. I would only notice the smiling faces, he suggested. Let the grumpy staring people be forgotten in the fog of no thoughts. Bimbo magic.
It works. I went in the next day, and each day since, becoming increasingly comfortable and noticing fewer and fewer stares. In fact I had to ask reception how many people were on vacation, because it honestly seems to me that about 30 of our 104 people are at work. The other cubicles are empty. Reception confirmed what I already sort of knew: everyone was at work, I just couldn't see them because of their stares.

Now a week later I sit in the cafeteria downstairs. I don't go down with the lunch rush, but this is 3pm.


  1. You're absolutely beautiful Mei! I don't know what those fools at work have a problem with. I'm glad you have a friend to help you focus on the positive and ignore the negative. I think we could all use a little of that bimbo magic!

  2. I'm truly honored that I could take part in making a positive and lasting change for you, Mei. Even more that I drew such positive praise for the bit of time I spent with you on it. You're doing great, and you'll continue to find each day easier than the last.

  3. ^_^ I'm glad you approve! I was going to hit you up online and ask if I can link your blog in the body of the message. Are you alright with that? Although I guess you've done so now with your comment!

  4. Christina DiEdoardoJune 14, 2012 at 2:24 AM

    You look lovely hon, as I knew you would! I esp like the flower :)

  5. Feel free to link back to my blog if you like. I'd have to be crazy to turn down a glowing testimonial to the fact that there's more to me than just fetish play.

  6. You look amazing - a real inspiration.



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