Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scary and obviously Insane

I don't really have anybody to talk to anymore since I got a creepy dead air phone call from the girlfriend (surprise!) of the last guy I talked to. I don't know why people need to care so much about possessing people. I just want to have positive experiences with people. I miss just having him to talk to. Oh well, he's long gone I guess.

I began posting on Craigslist looking for guys to meet. I've had a lot of great responses, but of course a few insane people. I just a few minutes ago got a creepy email from He accuses me of being fake, a scammer, attacks viciously my character, my name, makes racist comments, all in a few short sentences.

He threatened my blog, and me. See below.

I can't stop this psychopath or the next from bringing harm into my life. I can't stop paypal from freezing my account and keeping your generous donations from me. I can't stop when my craigslist posts are flagged for removal for no reason. I can't stop him if he finds a way to destroy my blog, my tumblr, my twitter, my imagefap, et al.

I can't stop people from breaking my things. They can't stop me from rebuilding. 

I love you all,



  1. I ry to stay off of C.L. for that reason but every once in a while I will look at the w4m and you still find scum bags on there. You might try using a different email address as I do for my feminine self.

  2. Don't worry about it baby , some people are freaking morons out there. Just block their email address and move on from it.

  3. Christina A DiEdoardoSeptember 16, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    Please tell me you reported him to Craigslist hon--it's also arguably an RCMP matter, since "R.A" made threats against you personally as well as your blog. Give "O" division a call at 519-640-7267 (They don't take crime reports by email, alas). Keep fighting :) XOXO Christina

  4. Yeah, let Craigslist know what is going on with that guy. The CL murderer wasn't that far away from where I live so most people here have moved on to other sites.

    Should I assume you've already tried Fetlife? You might be able to narrow down the choices of guys there. With CL, I would guess its more of a crap shoot.


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