Monday, October 1, 2012

Dirty Mirror

Things have been difficult lately. I have felt down since the first photographer spent the entire session calling me he, pointing out other ladyboys he's done work for as she, and trying to convince my makeup artist to do a shoot with me, then focusing the attention of that shoot on her. That's why I have 1 photo set instead of 4, like I paid for. It makes it even worse that this person doesn't even think there is anything wrong with this, and worse still that I thought we were friends.

That really doesn't matter though, there are more photographers out there. However, I'm wondering if I will need a manager/pimp to get this shit done. Psychopaths threaten me when I post on craigslist, that is if the post isn't immediately flagged for removal (wtf). 

This all really doesn't matter though, since my Mom is being wrongfully dismissed from the company we both work for. They have no cause to do so and they are skipping all the legal steps the law requires in Canada. Well I guess no reason except she hired her transgender daughter. A wealthy white woman from California wouldn't have anything against a transwoman, would she?

Once she is terminated I'll be bearing the weight of the bills. There is no longer any chance I'll be moving out. There is no chance I will have a place to privately do my webcam and porn. I'm stuck. I'll be next on the wrongful dismissal docket, I'm sure. But on that chance that it wasn't transphobia, the company is just a bad one, what sort of work life will I enjoy? I'll be working for the very company that is making it impossible for me to save even a penny for my daughter's future. The company that CHOSE to wrongfully dismiss my own Mother and crush me with financial burden for NO reason except a wealthy blonde white woman doesn't like her. I need a paycheck to provide for my daughter, I need a drug plan or the hormones run dry. What can I do? What would you do?

Random naughty picture.

the mirror is so dirty


  1. I've been following your blog on and off since you first posted said baby's mama was pregnant.

    I don't have the answers Mei, but keep faith. Hopefully things will work out or another thing will come along.

    Also the photog was a dick. Fuck that guy.


  2. Mei,

    You need to make contacts within the TransGendered Porn Industry. Contact people that run sites that have the established girls. If nothing else than to get advice and info. I know if I were brave enough to do what you are doing porn would have to pay the bills. I would email Baily Jay or someone like that and just work to get contacts. Do not take it all on your shoulders alone.

    Hang in there girl.


  3. I don't know about Canada, but in the US you'd have two pretty clear lawsuits. Wrongful termination is a serious offense and your Mom deserves compensation for being treated that way. Also if you paid for 4 photo shoots, you're entitled to those shoots!

    I'm sure things will start looking up for you!

  4. Don't be too difficult on yourself. Climbing a mountain starts with a step. You'll make it and I know it. You're an awesome person.

    Big fan of your blog, just never got the pleasure of talking to you in email or person. I want to be there for you.

  5. You're falling head-over-heels in mortal sin, girl. Thank God for the Warning. God bless you. _thewarningsecondcoming.com_


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