Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fetlife white boy says shut up stupid tgirl

I'm gonna be a bitch again...

How does this...

Deserve this?...

I.. I actually don't even know what to say about this. It is a pretty awful way to treat someone for suggesting not all trans women want to use their sex organs to top people. I reported the guy right away but who knows what will happen. In case you don't want to read his entire post, I will summarize:

  1. Shemales are the same as bbw, swm, gay, lesbian.  (Yeah, porn categories)
  2. Somehow my being on hormones upsets him.
  3. The cis gender white boy forgives me for my naivette about a group I claim to be a part of because I am in the early stages of transformation... How does he know better? He has been fucking some of us for 12 years.
  4. My interest in black guys offends the cis gender white boy.
  5. His girlfriend is a woman, obviously... that pretty much sums him up. Of course he is dating a woman, trannies, gays, lesbians, fat chicks, and whatever the mother fuck swm is are all just porn categories. You don't *date* them.
  6. He attacks my little princess and seems to have low regard for my being on hormones, since he brings it up in a negative way repeatedly.
  7. The cis gender white boy thinks I should be quiet because I'm not an expert on being a transwoman. Wait..
  8. The cis gender white boy hopes (and prays?) that I didn't decide to transform simply to make the best of my little dicklet. He also learns me good by explaining that STATISTICALLY shemales are abnormally well hung.

Ya so... I dunno what to say. I'm not sure I want to say anything. So I'm linking this on that group. We'll see what happens.


  1. wow, that man has issues and obviously doesn't know the difference, I pity him like Mr. T

  2. Mei.. Do you identify as a shemale rather than a ts? I doubt you do.. As you hint at.. It is normally a porn term used to make money from people who have a thing for chix with dix. Mainly men i imagine who actually have a thing for cock.

    I totally agree about the preference 'to be fucked' rather than anything else. As a TS myself i gain only heightened self loathing and annoyance at being erect. The idea of 'fucking' something is just unnatural to me and something i have never done or ever will. I truly desire a state of permanent softness as soon as possible whilst i await my op to get rid of the darn thing.

    In the meantime my sexual pleasure comes from being fucked in the behind and stimulation of my erogenus zones.. Particularly my budding breasts... which my partner can bring me to orgasm just by sucking them!

    Incidently.. i suspect that your 'friend' here is unaware of the other forms of orgasm we can experience. As usual a case of yet another man thinking with his dick again.

  3. Christina A. DiEdoardoNovember 9, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    I wish we could vote "mansplainers" like this nitwit off the island :( Don't let the turkeys get you down! *hugs*

  4. Well, hmm... I do have to say, I really enjoy both topping and bottoming. I am a TS, that considers herself a lesbian tomboy (I know... I couldn't be more of an enigma if I tried =/), I don't really dig men, I tried it, but men just don't do it for me, men in a word: icky. I only date bi and lesbian genetic females. I have been on hormones for three years and can still get hard as a rock... so I don't really know what this guy is trying to get at. I guess he thinks that your original statement was "too general" or something. Which I suppose it was considering I am only with women, but this dude is seriously an asshole, don't let "the man" get you down, hun. But in the end to each their own.

  5. I am sorry for your loss dear. But don't let that bring you down as well as continue disgusting it with fetlife.
    The lifestyle as a whole, makes so much sense, as are the caretakers beautiful people.

    I just recently got an identity back on the site under cariesue out of Jacksonville Florida/ which I have yet to go back in and clean it up until I can get on a safe and secure firewall. This one, someone lets me play, but I know their in here with me.

    I'm cindyrokZ on fetlife. Love to have another TS for a friend, as well as do enjoy your blog and hearing of your moving forward in positive flow steps.

    Hugs to you and yours


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