Monday, December 17, 2012

First Time Questions

From tumblrOk here's a question or three ;) when was your first time tasting a cock ? When was your first time touching a males penis that was not yours ? When was the first time having one in side you ? When did you first do these things dressed as the female you ? What were the circumstances? Did you enjoy it the first time ? If not why and how long did it take for you to ? Do you swallow do you like the flavor ? What is your favorite position for intercourse ?

Oh I like questions! While I had lived a life of secrecy, I hadn't any experiences with men. My first time with a man was this past March, St. Patrick's day actually! That was the first time I tasted a cock, touched a real penis, and had that dick inside me! That was the first time I did it, and that was the first time I did it as a woman.

We had been talking on phone and by text for months. Finally I decided to meet him. My friends and I fluttered about and got me all dolled up and off into the world I went as myself (finally!). My friends followed me to his place to ensure I would be safe, and once deposited into his home they were gone.

He made us hefty glasses of amaretto and coke and once I gulped mine down we went up into his bedroom. I was there for one purpose. We kissed for awhile. It was absolutely electric, kissing a man. I never felt much of anything kissing girls, but kissing a man was overwhelming with sensation!

He turned me around in my red dress and bent me over his bed, spanking me until my pale ass was red as my dress. Then he got the cameras out.

He slapped me when I he wanted me looking distraught  he face fucked me, got me up onto the bed and fucked me for four hours. In between a gave him a massage. He told me I could be a Thai massage girl I'm so good. I was glowing with pride.

I was born to get fucked. I always knew it, but that was reaffirmed. Since that time I've been a slut often. Heck, I left my corporate holiday party on Saturday to get tied up and suck a dick.

I swallow, sure, but I also get a big sense of pride when my perky titties get cum blasted. I haven't taken it in the face yet, but I'd be proud to do so. Bukkake is something I'd like to try as well.

I didn't mind the flavour at all. It was intensely salty, but still not as salty as a certain restaurant's glorious french fries!

I'm a bit of a high maintenance fuck. I want my man to put me in multiple positions over the course of the fuck fest. You gotta toss me into doggy style, fuck me standing up, against the wall, on my back. I like it a lot of ways, but the most precious to me is on my back with my legs up on his shoulders. There is nothing that makes me feel more feminine and vulnerable than at that time.


  1. Love your story. I've only had other sissy cocks in my mouth, love the taste of cum mingled with perfume.

  2. "Heck, I left my corporate holiday party on Saturday to get tied up and suck a dick."

    So hot. We'd love to hear more stories about Mei being a slut.

  3. Lovely story dear. So elegant you make it.

    My first time was at a young age of 7. Up until I was 13 or until my uncle adopted some younger versions of me. It's ok, as I knew I was different by about the age of 6, that I was born wrong sex. I told my parent about it twice and twice I got my ass kicked for saying such naughty things. Stupid fucks.

    At 12 I was paying rent as well as buying female attire at fredericks of Hollywood from a sales clerk who ironically became friends with my sister after yrs of shopping there. Humiliation wasn't even bothersome after that day.

    Happiest day of my life, was when I found out sex reassignment wasn't just a fantasy, but that it's actually possible. It was better than hitting the lottery.

    At 19 I was offered to be a surgeons last sex change surgery, as he was being forced to retire. His hands shook so profusely and I was young as well as his surgeries were known to not turn out that well. I refused, as I had been cleared by a medical board at the time and was looking at brassard in Ontario or my minds blank but she just recently went from Virginia to Colorado and did her training at Minnesota university. I can't believe I can't think of her name.

    But regardless was on purple Premarin 2.5 mg 3 times day then backed off to twice day/ then in late 80's early to mid 90's it was yellow Premarin 1.25 mg twice daily as with progesterone 3 times weekly. Now spiro and estradiol appears to be the drug of choice. .

    I didn't mean to babble as I apologize

  4. My first time tasting cock was with my first male lover. He was a crossdresser, very feminine and very submissive. He was the gurl totally but I knew deep down I wanted to be submissive so after, I guess a few weeks or so, I asked him if I could suck his cock and he said no. So I kept asking and he finally gave in. I was so turned on then started worrying about him coming in my mouth. Seemed I sucked a long time and he wasn't coming so I told him I was tired and he said ok. But the second time I sucked him I did suck him all the way.

    First time touching another males penis was with the same sissy.

    First time being screwed was the same sissy.

    Still to this day have never had sex with anyone while dressed. Still have only dressed alone and in private.

    I enjoyed all my firsts. No bad experiences.

    The first time I tasted another mans come I thought it tasted TERRIBLE. I was shocked by the bitterness of it. Well, I guess the bitter aftertaste. Even now it's nasty but being a sissy and submitting like a woman seems to make the come taste good even though it's not. I just love to taste it and roll it around on my tongue. It makes me feel so submissive and feminine and I do swallow.

    I love doggie-style.


  5. THanks for sharing your experiences edwina!


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