Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dirty Mirror Again

It has been a month since my last post. Weird. Holidays are over, I've recovered from illness, and to my surprise I am still waiting for the release of the Shemale Yum content I did.

It isn't a big deal. I took a gamble that they would process the scene earlier if I did a Christmas themed shoot. Obviously the 3 month time frame remains despite what the content is. So I will likely have an awkward Christmas shoot released in time for Valentine's Day. Lesson learned.

Of course you, my darlings, will be the first to know when my Shemale Yum video and photo shoots are released, and I do apologize for the lack of content lately, but finding photographers who want to actually photograph has been difficult. It seems they all want to star at the same time, and I'm not a huge fan of POV content.

Until I can find reliable cameramen who will wait until after the scene to get their dick sucked, I'll have to send you more pics through my dirty, dirty mirror. I really ought to clean it...


  1. How frustrating. As much as I would kill to see a hot video of you slurping on a oock POV style, I understand you have a vision for how your career will progress and admire that you are staying true to that.

    Can't wait to see your new shoots!

  2. If I lived in Toronto, I would happily be your cameraman. I dont mind waiting until after the scene to get to have fun with you *giggles*.


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