Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toronto police murder child

Toronto police murdered an 18 year old tonight.


  1. wow just wow. to me it seemed that there was little to no justifible reason for the shooting. my prayers are with the family of that young man and the people that were there to see that poor young man murdered.

  2. Not even an uncmmon thing.
    Innocent down (don't know the url)
    Also see puppycide.
    And go read policeone.com, where the biggest gang on the block, the boys in blue, talk freely -and condone ANY AND ALL aggressions against the populace.

    All over, the police have become a domestic army.

    1. One thing, though: we MUST be clear with the terms. 18 is legally an adult. Not a child.
      Followed to the logical conclusion, now that a "child" can be up to 26 for health insurance purposes- eventually we will be children at 30, 40, 50.. 85. Still children in need of the guidance of the government (and the authority of the government is in the police and ultimately the guns of the police.)
      Let's fight the twisting of the language so we at least can keep straight who is the enemy of freedom- and why.
      There Is NO thin blue line protecting us against violence in the street.


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