Monday, December 23, 2013

Hanging Lights

Unpacking is slowly coming along in the new place. In my lovely purple bedroom, there are no overhead lights. I have two little lamps but they don't give nearly enough light. I came up with a lovely idea to have strings of white led holiday lights on my wall as art, year round.

The first attempt was to string them up on the ceiling. Staples were useless on the stucco ceiling for some reason. We tried a web work of strings run from hooks in one wall to the other, tangling the lights on them. That lasted one night, and when I awoke in the morning, I was draped in a web of shiny things.

We decided to get a kajillion little adhesive hooks and  string up the lights on my wall. It lasted a few weeks, but one by one the hooks failed, taking some of the wall with them, and eventually all the lights were on the floor.

I was looking for any solution to get these darn lights to stay up! I went to Home Depot and Rona and asked about lattice, but they wouldn't cut it and it was 4 x 8. Wow way too big! A sweet old lady who works at Home Depot suggested I use the grating that you'd see covering ceiling lights in a restaurant or office. I used a bunch of twist ties and strung up my lights. I really like this. Not only does it keep a strict rectangle shape, but the grating adds additional texture!

Now to get the big Ikea Hovet mirror to put on the wall above my bed.

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  1. Looks good, fishing line might have been good but having a rigid skeleton to build on is certainly the way to go. Congrats. Also your post about the piano/vocal lessons on your blog is great :). (cloozeaux)


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