Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Matters

For years I did a pretty good job of keeping up on this blog. Lately not so much.

My grandma has widespread cancer. I've been visiting her as often as possible. I love how her face lights up when my daughter is there.

I watched her no longer be able to eat, stand, breathe without apparatus, and now slip into dementia.

I have been meaning to post more here and on YouTube. Bear with me please.


  1. same thing happen to me a little bit more than a year ago now
    that's a real nightmare
    i'm sure than everybody here would be happy to talk with you when you need it (or IRL or an other website or forum)
    don't stay alone and take care
    everybody know the end, it's sad but she will no more suffering, the people who stay, them a lot (my grand mother passed away in 4 month from the discovery to the end, it was short to "accept and "digest" for all of us and a real shock)
    don't hesitate to speak with the hospital personnel, they have good advice and perhaps in your country an help (group, hotline or psychologic support - it's stupid when they talk to you first but finally, some solution help and that's different for each person)
    we are here but IRL is for me the best
    be strong (i know, it's difficult) take care of you (important and we don't realize on the moment but we are "impact" in many way) and don't hesitate to speak to "someone"
    i wish you good luck (unfortunatly, that's life, even if there is better ending than other)
    take care of you

  2. Hello Mei,

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Thinking of you.

    Love Samantha


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