Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hormones, the Good.

I've been doing a lot of reading about the inevitability of how hormone replacement therapy will affect my body. Of course there is a lot to be afraid of, health risks and mental changes the biggest fears I have.

There is a lot to adore, otherwise why would we do it? Of course fat redistribution, sweat changes (scent and location), breasts and the taming of widdle pixiesticks, shrinking of balls (if I didn't already lob em off *giggles*). These are all happy changes but below are some that I really look forward to:

Mellow. Hormones apparently will make me mellow, something that will nourish my soul since I have always been a stressed out individual, frustrated easily with most things as a man.

As my skin thins, as well as being more susceptible to cold, I will experience an increase in tactile sensation. I will FEEL more strongly. This is greatly appealing.

My olfactory senses will improve. I will smell better. The risk, I am warned, is that I will be hopelessly drawn to male pheromones. I revel in this.


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