Friday, June 11, 2010

Omg Shoes

I'm just the happiest girl in the world! I learned that I am size 10.5 women, which means I can shop at my regular girl shoe stores. I am so blessed! 5'7" and girl feet!

It has been suggested I have a shoe fetish. While I totally resist that idea, I have to admit I will have these shoes, and if you buy them for me I will thank you in the way I am most accustomed.

I get so energized knowing I will have such gorgeous shoes, click clacking my way around in my dresses, turning heads, and flipping my hair back to flash them a smile and shamelessly check out their chest and abs.

These shoes absolutely are my style. Fetish or no, I'm a princess and I deserve them.


  1. No such thing as a shoe fetish if you're a girl.

  2. so cute, I think the first pair is my favorite, though now I want them all

  3. i luv it too !
    the pink one is fantastic !

  4. And what is the way you are most accustomed to thanking someone?


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