Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your girlfriends are right to worry

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I like men. I love how you delicious men sneak me around your girlfriends and wives' backs, your dirty ladyboy secret.

You know you should quit me, but its hard like a drug, and so you move from room to room, desktop to laptop just to get more time with your girl on the side.

Do you think she knows? Does she suspect its another girl you're talking to on your iphone across the couch from her?

I'm stealing you from her, and you want me to. You want to give me your money and ignore your silly wife. Girls are a bore, you want ladyboys for life!


  1. you little slut ;)
    Absolutely fabulous, darling. You do what you love so well.

  2. Mei you made my manhood stand up and take notice right away... good girl!

  3. God, I probably couldn't count the number of men that have slid their spent drained cocks out of me, cleaned up, and then off to dinner with a wife or girlfriend. I never wanted to steal them, or date them though. I like my place as their anonymous fuckslut.


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