Friday, October 1, 2010


I hadn't really thought about what I was doing all those hours, flirting and fucking with and endless lineup of men on sex chats. I think I was 15 when I first discovered what it felt to be treated nicely by older men. I felt sexy, validated, and became addicted quickly.

Sometimes I would spend 12 hours a day in a constant orgy of group sex, submissive sweetness, and gangbang slutfucking. I never wanted it to stop.

I still don't, but now I want it for real.

When I asked myself what it was that would make me happy, this is what came to mind. How have I chosen to spend my minutes and seconds? Sex. Naturally a career as an adult entertainer is a fitting choice for me.

I don't lie about it, I don't hide it, and I don't care if you judge me. I am pleasantly promiscuous and intend to make money doing it. Men love it, they love spending their money on me, and I love receiving, cock and carats.

How wonderful would it have been if something like in these fantasy captions had come true for me? How many of us are such shining jewels of sexual prowess online, but trapped in boy prison in the physical world? Tila Tequila, Tigerr Benson, Areeya, Paris Hilton.

I'm no different than them.


  1. If those are your feelings, then I say go for it. It is good that you know what you want and that you like who you are with the cyber sex. All but that last part. I am willing to bet you are smarter then Paris Hilton. ^^

    As for the captions, they are always fun to read. Please, when you feel a caption come, keep posting. I do enjoy your blog.

  2. I know exactly how you feel sweetie.

  3. Hot stuff as ever.

    The first one has a typo: it looks like every "c" has been replaced by an "o". That was a bit distracting at first.

  4. i know what you mean, i too wish any one of these stories would come true for me.

  5. I know just how you feel sweetie. I love to cruse ts/tg/cd chat rooms. But, I hate to type. I much prefer seducing one guy after another for nasty phonesex. They love me!!! And, it makes me so hot to make them squirt for me. Sometimes, I do it all day. I too have often thought that I could be paid for the service and pleasure I provide. Nasty fun!

  6. Do you guys know of any ts/tg/cd chat rooms?

  7. Yup, Laura you can go to, they have a chat room. If you just want sex, and are fun too. I know there are others, but I can't remember.

  8. I would love to see u on webcam.. hit me up sweetie

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