Friday, November 19, 2010

Gender Clinic: Results

Can't avoid the cliche.. it has been awhile. Wow lots happened. I'll update over time. Let's discuss the gender clinic first, kay?

I had my gender clinic evaluations and got a big sparkly stamp of "GENDER DYSPHORIA" approval. It feels pretty good, to be confirmed, validated.

That is all the gender clinic can offer. I was thinking about it. Being Canadian, I've grown up with the idea that if something is going on, you go to the appropriate organizational body and they help you through it. Being transgender doesn't work that way. It should, but it doesn't. The gender clinic stated, peacefully and supportively, that this is up to me, I am on my own.

When to take HRT, what to take, if to take it at all, the surgeries, everything except for SRS is up to me. I need no permission.

I'm being referred to an endocronologist and they can help me begin this journey. The problem, of course, is cost. I don't have a solution for that yet.

Enjoy some tasty shemale treats, oui?


  1. Good for you! Plus yummy caps ;-)

  2. Congratulations my Lady!

  3. Nice to hear from you again!!! I was beginning to get worried about you! How's my Asian princess??


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