Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Size Queen

It comes as no surprise that I'm very attracted to men, and of course a certain reverence for cocks goes with the territory. Sure, I love a man's big hands, his voice, his smell, and his chest and abs, his everything, but there is something instinctively religious about succumbing to the will of a big swinging dick.

The cock is such a thing of beauty, its personality is unique to the male. Veins, thickness, textures, cut or uncut, there is just so much that makes a man's cock "His" and dicks are so beautiful it makes me want them inside me soOOo bad!

Cock is cock, but what I wish I understood about myself is why I find myself instinctively drawn to BIG dicks. I mean big, heavy, slut taming dongs. I want to feel the weight on my face, I want to work to get that godstick down my throat, and I want to touch heaven when the fullness overwhelms me and the men who have em know it! They know I can't help myself around a hung male, I just gotta suck him and fawn over him and get my tight little boipussy ruled by him.

They say cocks can be too big, why can't I agree with that!?

A science guy told me about how ladyboys were designed for big dicks, cause our asspussies are longer inside and can accomodate big swinging breeders where girls can't. I know hung men so often have self esteem issues because stupid girls complain about their size and the pain. Doesn't it just seem so perfectly natural, then, that shemales and hung men were born to be mated together?!
So here's to all you hung men out there, I love you long time!


  1. Agrees 200% on this post! I wish I could lube up a big giant cock with my little throat and see how far it'll fit. Then have another boisissy lick my asspussy and then feel the big cock pound into me and use me like a little cumdumpster <3

  2. You are a good girl, Mei. Stuffing you full is the best reward hung studs can give you.

  3. OMG Mei..*blush*
    Like all sissigurls i long to worship too, but these are scary-big!

    Why can't i stop looking??

  4. I could not agree more, hon - but it's not just the size of the cock, but the size of the balls. As much as I love the feeling of being filled and stretched, I need a big healthy dose of cum to make me feel complete.

  5. hehehe and you called me a slut. :P
    I say that with love. <3
    I'm beginning to get interested in men and of course their glorious rods as well. I've got to say the selection you posted here is mighty impressive. I really like the first picture and the second to last one where all you see is her lips but that's all you need to know her expression.

    Your science friend is right ladybois, shemales, sissies, etc. will always be able to take the bigger fellas better because we have the advantage of having the inside to our love hole stay straight longer. Natural gals can't even match it with their bums. They have different pipes there too. :P

    I think its perfectly okay to be a size queen I mean come on, girls get to fawn over guys their whole life so when we start it is natural that we'll start with the polarized extreme of these bulls. Though I think I might have a tiny crush on the super fem Bill Kaulitz from the band Tokio Hotel but I can't help it damn it! HE'S JUST SO GORGEOUS! I'd love to let him annihilate me then we'd cuddle and I'd ask where he gets his hair done. *blush*

    But yeah, the big strong men are great because they're the best to imagine surrendering to. Hell, just looking at some of those pictures is making me feel girly so pleasing a big cock like that must be divine. Plus they'll beat up anyone who gives ya crap. I do agree with the size of them being 'scary-big' but that's why we gotta train. :P

  6. Mmm Excellent post Mei, I know you adore Big, long cocks like mine! And speaking as a Hung, big-balled man, I go crazy for sexy ladybois.

  7. I agree 100%. I love the look of a nice long and thick cock. I love the feel of them in my hand and in my mouth and love how they feel in my ass, especially when they first slide in and fill me. But the thing I love most about them is that submissive feeling I get when I first see them. Is it just me or does anyone else get a flutter inside that is usually reserved for the feeling of love?

    Oh, and that fourth cock is absolutely perfect.

  8. So true!

    Hung guys just seem more confident in bed. Its like they've seen how other guys give them those jealous glances in the locker room and they love to watch the reaction from girls when they get undressed.

    My girlfriends get embarrassed when I talk about the size of a guy's cock, but I can tell they regard him differently if they know he's "gifted". Even the most hard core feminists can't help but wonder what it would feel like...

  9. Those are all very nice specimens mei ~ great post!

  10. Well I can't speak for all natural women, but this one here can take a big thick dick with NO PROBLEM. LOL, bring them on!!


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