Friday, February 4, 2011

Caption Me! Definitively Mei

So how amazing is Jessica Bangkok, right? She's such an influence of mine, as previously blogged. This picture especially is just so definitively 'me'.

I think it would be such a fun and interactive experience to have a little caption bouncing here. As a comment to this blog post, make a brief caption about me in this picture. You know which one I am. The fabulous.


  1. The company health plan had a loophole that Jeremy used to his advantage. When he returned to work as the stacked vixen Mei, the office team was more than shocked at her transformation. The fact that she used to be their male co-worker didn't stop them from cornering her in the copy room for some "peer training" By the end of her first week, she was excellent at taking dictation.

  2. Jeremy had trouble fitting in at his new job. He was shy and reserved, making it hard to work with his boisterous coworkers. In order to improve workplace morale, management decided to send Jeremy to a special career development seminar. A month later Mei returned to the office, fully developed and ready to be a team player!

  3. "Damn girl! As Jeremy you weren't much help around here, but as Mei I think you need to help me with a special project. In my office. Privately. Every day from now on."

  4. Mei basked in the weight of the mens stares. Her body, every curve of it, was built for just this. To be lusted after. Mei payed no attention to the woman jotting down on her clipboard the test results of the latest serum from Ladyboi Office Products.... Her eyes were wandering down her coworkers tight abs to that thick, tantalizing bulge below!

  5. mei's coworkers were amazed at the miracle transformation that took place over the weekend. When prompted by their questions about what happened Mei's response was this was her new boyfriends idea for some enhancements to make her more popular around the office.... The results speak for themselves.

  6. Silly Mei, youd be so much more compfortable over here on the copy machine, *lifts the top. Come have a seat.

  7. Fuck!!!
    I'm losing it!!
    And those fuckers are studying me!!!
    I got to stay focused!
    My name is Mason and I am from Canada!
    I live in Toronto and i love it!
    I work in a multinational firm which is where I am right now!
    I work in Research and Development!
    I am the Manager!
    I .....
    I got to keep it simple....
    Well, next to me is John!
    He wanted to take my place!
    He is my rival!
    He is... fuck! Simple! He is... bad people..
    No good!
    He hates me!
    Hates Mason!
    Me too..
    Well, behind me is... remember!
    He is Anthony! Yes he is Anthony! He is a real son of a bitch!
    He was responsible for what's happening to me!
    Yes! Yes!
    He stool mi work!
    He bad bad man!
    God!! No!
    They may took my body but I got to have my mind!
    Must win this!
    I'm not a woman!
    Those tits are not mine!
    They gave them to mi..
    I remember!
    That girl gave them to me!
    She said she wanted me to have big juggs!
    She said she wanted me to show them off!
    She said she would turn me into an Asian slut!
    Yes! That's what she said!
    But I know her...
    I'm sure..
    I remember her telling these guys that she would help them destroy me!!!
    She was my girlfriend!
    And I was cheating on her!
    With an Asian girl!!!
    I can't remember her name...
    But I must remember more!!!
    I got to find a way out of this...
    But how?
    I mean I 'm just an assistant here...
    I know they don't have me here about my brain...
    It's my tits they want..
    You just got to give boys what they want!!!
    Although something tells me that these boys are bad!
    But whatever!
    There's no harm in showing them some tits...
    And that girl too is bad!
    Bad girl!
    She the one who has to leave!
    Don't need bad girls!
    But these studs can stay..
    Bet the one next to me is huge!!
    Although I don't feel very well..
    Guess is nothing!
    But why are they talking so fast?
    Can't understand!
    Hope they talk about fucking me!!
    Or bout mi titties!!
    Think I had to fight something...
    But what...?
    Maybe that American lady!
    Fight with her for those cocks!
    Think she wants to steel mi cocks!!
    Big, fat American cocks!!
    But I better than her!
    I Asian! She American!
    Asians are best!!
    We suck good!
    Make American cocks hard!
    Make American boys cum!
    Mei is a slut!
    Hehe! Find mi name!
    Mei proud!
    Mei suckie suckie!
    Mei big titties!
    Mei big ass!!
    Mei suckie fuckie!!
    Mei suck cock!
    Mei loves men!
    Mei a slut for work!
    Mei happy...

  8. 1) Less gawk. More cock.

    2) Who's first? You're just not getting it.

  9. "No ring, no peeking!" She slapped down the office perv. "At least get me a great pair of Pradas if you want to admire my legs" "Call it the price of admission to my personal amusement park."

    Tossing her hair back with a sly smile. "Silly me, I can't remember is I wore my panties today."

  10. Bob from HR was certain Mei's skirt was shorter than company policy allowed, so he assembled his crack team to get to the bottom of it all.

    As Bob checks her out, he is getting more interested in getting a crack at her bottom and is skirting the issue.

  11. After Jeremy was sent to the corporate shrink for one too many lewd comments to female coworkers, he returned to work as Mei.

    Jenny (the one with the clipboard) has been assigned to ensure that Mei's sensitivity training goes according to plan. She's just given Mei the trigger word to shamelessly flirt with her former buddies. So far, everything has been a complete success...until...

    Dwight accidentally used the trigger to cause a spontaneous orgasm, and Mei looks about ready to grab him and drag him to the copy room.

    As Jenny takes some notes to question why there is a trigger to cause an orgasm, she notes that Dwight will need to make a visit to sensitivity training too if the banging heard from the copy room is any indication

  12. Dumb ho is already taking notes! She thought she'd remove a rival by making Mei, but now Mei is showing her up even more than dumb Jeramey could! Tehehee, she thought she'd get a promotion wearing a pants suite and that lil' vest, what a dumb butch! No one likes a lady like that! Just show off and you'll melt these delicious men. Mei is gonna get big time promotion and even bigger time fuck!

  13. It all started with a screen saver. Jeremy found that the more he stared at it the more relaxed he became ... the changes started soon after. Jeremy's hair began to get longer and his hips got wider ... but he could not stop watching the addictive screen saver. Soon images began to form in his mind ... about his new role in the company. Jeremy (who now thought of himself as "Mei") began to flaunt the big titties the screen saver has given him. Mei knew she should stop ... that she was turning into the company tramp ... but the pleasure was just too great to refuse. Mei knew she was destined to be the best bimbo secretary the company has ever owned.

  14. Thank you all so much for the fabulous comments!

  15. what a fuckn sexxy office slut!!! mmmmmm u are such an amazing cock tease!!! love that expression on your face!

  16. Ok let's give this a try.

    Co-workers: “Oh wow, you really turned out nice---Mei!” “I know you did, you have a pretty little dress there!” “Girl how the hell did you learn to put on makeup like that?”
    Mei: Oh stop it guys you’re causing me to gush! I have to saw that all of this attention is so new to me but I’m loving it!”
    Co-worker no 1: “Damn I’m just staring at your body; I would love to hit that!!”
    Mei: “Oh, well you’re going to have to wait ‘til it’s your turn, I still have last night’s seed inside me.”



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