Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming Out and Doctors Appointment

I had felt really emotionally broken after learning that more of my time had been wasted by the health care system in Canada. Who turns off a fax machine when they take a MONTH off for vacation? Seriously lame..

Regardless, my gender group has proven to be a boon already. I was given a pamphlet for a local health center that is currently accepting new trans patients. My intake appointment is next Wednesday!

Not only is it super lucky that they are accepting me immediately, but the health center is 10 minutes away from me!!!

Another useful nearby building is a laser hair removal school. 500 meters from me to be precise. I emailed them a proposal to develop their web presence and be a body for their students to practice on in exchange for free laser hair removal. I am anxiously awaiting their reply.

This weekend was particularly emotional for me. I came out to my Mother. It was extremely difficult, but I felt it was necessary. In the case that I succumbed to my depression and ended my life, at least my Mother would know why. I did not expect what happened...

My Mother is 100% supportive. She offered to pay for the psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist that is evidently required before the endocrinologist who never got my referral will put me on hormones. By telling my Mother, not only does she now understand why I have been so angry all my life, but she understands, quite clearly, that I will die if I do not transform. It is a simple reality.

I feel a renewed sense of optimism, one I will carry with me to the gender support group this Wednesday, and my new trans-specific physician the following Wednesday.


  1. How great it is when your loved ones prove to be every bit as deserving of your love and honesty as you always hoped they would be.

    This is very nice to read about. Please don't do anything destructively impulsive - things have a way of working out if you can just hold on long enough.


  2. That's jaw-dropping what your mother said! Shit! Mine would go in a deep coma!

  3. Congratulations Mei! that's great news!


  4. Yay Mei! Things are shaping up for the princess of sparkles! An accepting mother? That's like the holy grail! She'll be around to help you during the wait. I hope your relationship blossoms in a new way. :)

    I'm pretty psyched for ya: a clinic 10 minutes from where you live, a helpful gender support group, and the laser hair school? Damn the universe is telling ya something ain't it? :P

    With a support group and a supportive mother I think you're definitely going to get to be the sparkly boy stealing shemale princess you should be.
    I've been doing things too! But I don't wanna clutter your blog with them maybe I'll give the Haven an update or maybe I'll finally launch my own blog! Regardless I want to catch up in some way buuuuuuut I get too sleepy to stay up late and YIM now that I have a career.


  5. Thank you for sharing your story...I'm about to start doing hormones..


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