Sunday, July 31, 2011

Business, Illness, and Shoes

I hazard to say it: it has been awhile.

I've been a good little worker bee in my boy cage. It isn't a horrible job. In fact I like the problem solving nature of it. I'm in a safe place and I'm starting to see who I can trust and who I can't. I'm also beginning to give hints to the potential allies and a yummy boy.

When it rains it pours. A freelance writing job fell in my lap, a radio show for a particularly famous and gorgeous black musician and businessman. Then another one prompted for a radio show. So I'm bringing in pretty decent cash on the side, all going into my corporation for my lady fabulous documentary.

It is really hard when you're in the sadness to see how things will improve. I couldn't have called this, but things are beginning to improve.

I've got an old lady car now, comfy Buick. Its getting me around and my social is improving. Just in time since my friend has been diagnosed with lymphoma. This is my black bff who was the first person I told and the first person to give me pretty little sissy orgasms through my boipussy. I don't know what to do... I feel like all I can offer is sex sometimes, and that doesn't help here.

Oh yes, I also have fabulous shoes. They fit and I feel great in them.

So how's that for a whirlwind?


  1. Mei - i'm SO glad things are improving for you, though i'm sorry to hear about your friend that's awful.

    It just shows that if you hang on things DO get better - after all, fabulous heels!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Mei! Don't worry, you can offer a lot more than just sex. I'm sure your friend will really appreciate all the comfort and support you bring him. I'm glad to here that things are picking up at work and improving financially. I hope things continue to improve and your friend recovers!


  3. Mei, I was in the Gallery at the Haven and came upon a caption that had your naem with it in the comments. I had been wonedring how you were and this post is well timed. I said a small prayer for you that day and just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I admire you bravery and determination as you work to be the best you you can be. I wish so many times I had the magical powers I dream of and could heal so many that I have met that are hurting body to soul and all those with health problems of other kinds.

    Just stay strong for your friend. I understand the feeling of only being able to offer sex, but the truth is that company and your love is better than sex. I know, who would have believed it right?

    *kisses you on the forehead*


  4. Wonderful that things are going a bit better, love. But, as for your friend, what others have said, sometimes just being there is a big help.

  5. Its nice to see you update this. Good that things are turning out well on the work front. There are other ways you can help your friend, you are a good individual just being around helps like others have said.

    I myself have been busy for a while, with work, making connections to the trans community in my new state of residence, and tonight it seems my personal computer is finally calling it quits on me. I'll try to see if it has enough life to get on Yahoo sometime this week so we can chat.

    Anyways, I hope things keep getting better for you.


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