Friday, July 1, 2011

TG Art

I think its great that there is so much art online to help us visualize fantasies we otherwise couldn't without the help of Industrial Light and Magic.

Even better it is nice to see transgender art out there. The interesting thing is the TG art that is being drawn isn't really something most transwomen can relate to! It really shouldn't be much of a surprise that a large percentage of transwomen find it unpleasant to do the "pitching" in a sexual relationship. Many of us would rather die than put our thingy in someone's thingy. Many of us seek SRS/GRS to change our penis into a vagina, and sadly a great number of us will do damage to our peniseseses before we get to that point.

Why then does TG art almost entirely depict transwomen as being enormously endowed? Not only would that be enough to send many transwomen into depression, but the TG art also has transwomen taking macho, masculine, and aggressive sexual positions with practically everyone, including their own Amazonian selves.

I'm not saying make less of this, heck if this is what people want, make it. I'm just surprised that there isn't more TG art that flatters the desires of transwomen. I identify as third sex, not female, so I won't be getting SRS/GRS but that doesn't mean I can look at some of this art and relate easily. I may be able to envision myself being a wicked ninja lady, but once the godzilla cock is visible, my suspension of disbelief is removed.

What I'm saying is we need more! I would love to see TG art that flatters the hearts and minds of transwomen. I would frankly love to see me in art form, lol.

I will say that I get a sort of ironic pride in that transwomen and genetic women now share a gripe where our rolemodels in comics and art largely do not represent our hopes and aspirations.

Wonder Woman, meet whatever the heck this is below.


  1. That is a great point, dear. I don't mind well endowed TG Art, but it's odd that there isn't the other side of it as well. I think of myself as a tiny cocked sissy as well.

    And it 's great to have you back.


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