Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was talking with a coworker and complimented her on a particularly domestic thing she did. She was not impressed.

Domestic tasks are so demonized in many people that the very notion that they would ever do something domestic is appalling. We all do domestic chores in our daily lives though and it isn't something that we should ignore or hide.

Having a creative way of table setting or a coordinated living room is not something I'd be ashamed to take credit for.


  1. I totally agree - everybody should learn to cook, for one thing. At least a few good dishes.

  2. What is wrong with knowing how to do housework well? Everyone, male, female, and other should know how to do it at least a bit.

  3. My mistress always praises me for being such a wonderful housewife! I am so proud of that! And she brags to her friends who have lazy husbands!

  4. I love cooking and cleaning! i'm always happy to help out around the house!


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