Monday, September 12, 2011


I used to make captions. I do from time to time, but lately I haven't had the bandwidth in my day to do so. I like being creative and if I don't have outlets to express myself creatively I go into depression. That and sex. Need that too or I go into depression.

I expect as the season changes and progress remains on pace towards estrogen, this winter will be a difficult one for me. I will try to rely on sex and creativity to carry me through, as my trusty virtues always have in the past.

I've actually made a lot of captions, so I'm going to slowly reveal some in between updates on my life. Sometimes I'll have something to say along the theme, other times not.

I always love hearing what you think. If anyone can help me set up formspring I'd appreciate it. Maybe the hypnosis is getting to me, I have trouble focusing on html and technological language lately.


  1. LOVE the romantic one that is the first cap. I long to experience that type of sex. The next two though have my fantasy of big black cocks. I really like the image and would love to feel that in my mouth as well.

  2. Gosh ya that would feel so nice, wouldn't it Lady Alexia? It doesn't have to be fantasy, you can give in. Black guys like it when you give in.

  3. Oh Mei! Your captions are all so wonderful! Mmm... to have a big strong man gently whispering me into his sexy sissy!

    I have to agree with Lady Alexia. I can't help but fantasize every time i see a black man I think about him pushing me to my knees and pressing his musky black cock in my face. there are so many beautiful black boys on campus that it leaves me weak kneed. half eager to serve them all and half nervous that a glimpse of their dicks will be all thats needed to drive me into submission.

  4. Love your cappys hun, its good to see you still posting..

    I long to be some of the sissy bitches in some of your sexy, getting rammed with black cocks.

    ~one eyed pirate

  5. Very sexy if pretty dark- and it is lovely to see you doing captions again

  6. Love it Mei!! I miss your captions!



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