Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Refused medicine

"I know you; we have spoken about your situation. I cannot give you this medicine until I speak to your Doctor," is what the woman behind the pharmacy desk said to my disappointment.

I was refused my estrogen by my pharmacy today because I'm transgender. The pharmacy is part of one of the largest grocery chains in Canada, if you can guess by the picture.

I'm going to send a letter to my member of parliament, cc'ing contacts from the grocery head office and political groups that would want to know about this.

Additionally I will be filing a human rights complaint.

I feel bad for the woman who is about to get fired; she probably has kids. However I felt violated and powerless without just cause.

So how was your day?


  1. Meaning not the least in disrespect, Ms. Mei, but it would seem unlikely that any rational business or government would fire a person for an initial offense of refusing estrogen to any individual for expression of a little-understood condition. I am sure that you feel insulted and diminished as a person, but no government can account for the feelings of its citzenry--or wouldn't the pharmacy worker have feelings of his or her own, which might differ from yours to any imaginable degree?

  2. It is not unlikely, it happens all the time. They have apologized and I have dropped the matter. If I decided to bring media pressure to the issue, which I do frequently in these instances, it does have an effect on the individuals directly involved.

    Thanks for your unnecessarily verbose message Anonymous. I must trust what you are saying because you did not say it the easy way.


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