Saturday, March 29, 2014

Residency Recovering

After the first few days of monitoring in the clinic, I am carted off to the building next door. This is the recovery center. I'll share pics in greater detail when I'm more mobile.

They encourage independence here. I replace my own dressings, go downstairs for meals, and let them know when I'm in pain vs. Nurses checking in on me. They still do the blood pressure, temperature, heart rate routine, but otherwise it's more on me.

With so many others using the wifi, I haven't even be able to watch a YouTube video unless it's 3 am. I'm really upset about the poor wifi service because I'm cut off from everyone.

They also don't permit guests outside of specific times, and only in the living room. Several guests violate this agreement but they and their daughters sprawl out on the couches for comfort, leaving me with no where to be comfortable to see my mom on the rare occasions she visits. This ends up with a blatantly biased power dynamic where trouble makers are doing anything they want and the rest of us have no choice but to lay down alone in our beds upstairs with no one to visit and no wifi to talk to anyone. I can't even talk to my daughter anymore. I'm going to bring it up today because this is absurd.

The same girls who feel they can do anything they want also feel they should make every sentence to me unsolicited advice about how to do this and that. Their "sage wisdom" has so far included trust, a mother's love, dressing well for your body, passing, and how to handle being stared at.  I am at a loss for how to explain that of the people in the conversation I am, 1. The only employed one 2. The only one who has a popular online presence 3. The only one whose heart want recently broken by some guy.

These girls need to wake the fuck up and realize it is completely inappropriate to be dispensing unsolicited advice. I guess I'll have to wake them up. Fun times.

A lot of this happened yesterday when I was sitting in the living space. Sitting is not advised for long periods. I over did it. Now I have bleeding and bruising. Yay mei. Sigh.

So today I'm going to rest until mom gets here, speak to the nurse about these couch laying bitches, and come up with a witty remark to get these children to realize I'm beyond them and their advice is not worth a dime.


  1. Mei -

    Congratulations on making it to the SRS/GRS goal. I remember once in past communicating with you when you were just starting out your path ... and can say that I am pleased to hear that everything has worked out so well for you. I'm the one who told you about the chat room you looked at one time but said you found not welcoming for some reason. Anyhow .. I have checked in here at your blog from time to time to watch from the background hopeful for your sake that you made it to this goal. I am now quite happy for you. I wish you only the best in your future goals. hugs.


  2. That's crazy! So his is it? Are things all that different so far?


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