Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantasy ramblings

I was playing through my folders the other day and found something I wrote about some fantasy concepts that really touch me in my boipussy...

I made a few captions once about being digital. I feel kinda like a digital playground anyways, so colourful streaming code meant to entertain men like you. I think that it would be amazing to be digitized, my mid floating in a virtual world, where I can be affected and altered like open source code. My environment, my body, even my personality can be altered to suit someone’s fantasies.Perhaps then, with my body laid here, I am downloaded into another person’s body across the ocean or something, and live as me 2.0 in pretty form.

I love idea of being bath girl, and perhaps living in a warm bath of milk or water like a water nymph, waiting for my Master to arrive in his bathhouse so I can sponge bath and massage him.Be a relaxation technique for a ruler in a decadent world. I think that the bath itself would transform me, so I could be lured there by promise of a hedonistic vacation usually reserved for Emperors, and end up transformed into the vacation for rulers myself.

I want to be a happy product for a corporation. It would be nice to be headhunted by a company for my skills and brought overseas, so exciting, only to be transformed through company therapy, education, electricity, and health/surgery checkups into a model or product to tot their wares. My imagination is valuable, but doesn’t require my gender, I would be valuable sexual product with such creativity.

I read a story once where a convincing man showed up and just talked to a family at a garage sale. He left and came back a few times, but I can imagine my parents being convinced to sell me for omg like so little money at a garage sale, to this man. They would be appalled at first, but calmly convinced, and his words would change their minds and mine, making me more of a sissy until I’m a girl and then making me a product for him to purchase.

Philosophy is an interesting concept. The idea that someone can come to know something through conversation is so fascinating. I think it would be so sexy if someone was able to convince me of the way the universe works, and as he does, the universe changes to suit what he’s said. My mind, my body, my purpose, my whole existence can be explained in such a way that it just becomes so, and I am so lucky to learn how the universe works!

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  1. lovely thoughts Mei...even your musings are exciting!


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