Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hypnosis sticky sweet

It is no surprise from my captions that I've been a huge mind control fan for some time. What I melt for is the confidence of a person, male or female, and how brilliant and charismatic they can be to change my mind. You can change so much with the right tone of voice, the right brush of fingers across a cheek, the right words and swagger.

New and sexy ideas can drip like syrup on a pancake brain with the help of stylish headphones. In no time you're loyal to a totally different crowd, shaking that ass while you listen to your sonic spell and think about how pretty you'll be with your knees to the ground.

Memories can be deconstructed so that first kiss with Lucy Sanders becomes hot and steamy shower kiss with your teammate, and that playboy magazine you keep under your bed becomes a big gorgeous dildo and a men's health, the perfect preteen date!

A straight girl could abandon her beloved boyfriend and all that she knew, succumbing to forbidden lesbian delights.

Or of course a curious boy could be convinced by conversation that he was never really a boy and live as a girl, give it a try... just for awhile...

I've just joined a place called mcgarden, and its been a total blast. Thanks to Nomdefemme for encouraging me to sign up, these peeps are great!


  1. you know this is much the same thing as hypnosis, you seducing us with those thoughts, making us imagine them so vividly *narrows eyes at you*
    You are Good Girl! You are Gooddd!!!

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Check out my blog at sissifyourself.blogspot.com!
    We have so much in common!!

  3. *nods nods NODS!* oh my yes Mei you sexy siren!

  4. I so need to find some time to give you some oozy, melty time. It sounds like you've got some fantasies stored up that you're looking to explore.

  5. Hypnosis is very alluring. I was having fun with it for a while. It really is as versatile and powerful as you make it out to be. I got scared and cut myself off. >_>

    I need to make sure my thoughts are mine first. Then once I know 100% what I wanna do it'll probably be brain melty time again!

  6. I have been a fan of hypnosis for a long time now...but I have never in my life been so eager to succumb to it! Mei..you certainly know how to perk a person's interest!

  7. I share a vivid erotic fascination with hypnosis, and hypnotic feminization and submission. You've cum the closest to what my specific fantasies are with your captions and stories! you rock sister ~s~


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