Sunday, December 5, 2010

no!no! make mei smooth!

Omg guys I found something soooo fabulous that I just totally have to have! The no!no! hair removal system is closest thing to laser for permanent hair removal. Isn`t that fabulous?!

I've done lots of research and this so works, and I want it omg omg, but how come Canadian stores aren't selling it yet?

Oh my won't some dashing suitor spend his hard earned money to make Mei happy! I surely know one of you will. ^_^

This will make me smooth and smooth makes me happy! My friends will want to touch my skin and men will want to kiss my body. I know you like it when men touch me, when they feel me up and play with my little star. I know you want my sistas to finger my pie and have little lesbian joys with me. I know you want me to model for you, my legs so bare and silky.

It's so easy, no!no! has the solution, and pretty in pink would look so nice under my gay little Christmas tree! Its on my wish list at the bottom of my blog, where all the cutest things are!

1 comment:

  1. don't waste your money on that thing, it's no better Epil Lady. It's not permanent, and I don't care what anyone says: those things DO FREEKING hurt!

    Save a bit more and get a Tria Home Laser. They work and the removal is permanent.


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