Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fantasy Dating

Did you know I was an international jewel thief looking for a wealthy Baron to marry for his money? News to me too!

I found this really cute website, Cloud Girlfriend. A completely fake dating experience. Lolwut?

So basically dating site profiles are considered nonsense, and this is an honest kind of nonsense. You create a profile rich with wild and ridiculous fantasy, and date other fake profiles for fun and sex sport!

So maybe the rich Baron never finds me because you've created a profile of a hot action cop and arrest my heart with the click of your dirty little mouse! I think this is especially useful to those of you looking for an alternative gender experience to satiate some digital urges, n'est pas?

The images used are the irrepressibly creative Yaya Han. She quickly has become one of my greatest heroes. I wish to do what she does.


  1. Okay, this sounds like fun - I think this rich, extravagant, globe-trotting pricess (in hiding from some secret government organization) needs to get a profile ASAP.

  2. Ooooo, I checked out Yaya's site, wicked hot!!! just missing "acertain little part" to make it all perfect!!! teehee



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