Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working Girl

As much as it pains me, I've accepted a boring job and I start on Monday. It isn't what I want at all, but it is steady money coming in while I work towards my goals of documentary, sci fi tv shows, and lady fabulous rainbow porn.

I call the job my boy cage.

It will be safe to transition when i do, although a workplace transition is never easy. I'm more frustrated by the loss of time to be myself, online or in person. My home life has completely shut down any privacy I have, evidenced by the slowing of blog posts. Now I will suffer with a long commute to and fro, and eight hours of not even being allowed to check my cell phone.

At least I'll have enough money to survive.

I think about what it will be like once I am transitioned. Will I really have to work in an office? Is that so bad when you have fashion at your disposal? Cute heels, pencil skirt, the right top, will the grey of the cubicles be counteracted by the vibrancy of my rainbow mei power?

Unfortunately it seems we may find out. Transitioning in the work place is not something I wanted to do. I've talked to people whose entire office was gathered into a conference room to discuss the subject of you. They have a video, they are lectured about sensitivity and oppression and then sent out into the cubicle forest. Not only will that be humiliating, it could also breed contempt. It may not, but it could.

I just want to do what I am good at (read:fashionable porn star). How is this too much to ask for?

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  1. Good luck with the job - hopefully it will go smoothly enough, but remember if it was fun, they wouldn't have to pay you.

  2. Allow me to throw my two cents in:

    My best friend was born male. She got me my current job at a prominent tech company. I knew before starting my job that she was transgendered, but she didn't know at the time she started the job, so she was known as a male at work.

    Going to work filled her with dread every day for the entire time I worked there. There was the pain of having to dress as a boy, the fear of being "found out," and all of the other terrible aspects of being transgendered in modern society.

    It turns out that everyone in management fully supported her, despite her fears. They used the conference room approach to relay what was happening to the rest of us on the team. Afterward, an email was sent out explaining the situation to anyone who wasn't at the meeting.

    The end result was that she spent the rest of that day fielding earnest questions about the situation, and an incredible amount of support. The most prominent supporters turned out to be the ones she most feared would push back. She took her lunch to go home and change into more comfortable (not boy's) clothing, and everything went very well.

    It's been a couple of months now, and occasionally, a document will come up with her old name on it. When this happens, most people (some who she knew from college) have trouble remembering that she used to go by that name.

    I know that it's frightening. Absolutely terrifying, in fact... but I truly hope you have as wonderful an experience at work as she did. You certainly deserve to be happy.

  3. oh best of luck Mei!
    Just think of all the lovely things you can buy with that paycheck!


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