Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Wash Killed my Car

So I've been away for awhile. Things are not good. I'm exhausted from a new job, being kept from even typing to people by an abusive partner, and completely cut off from my counseling, doctor, and any friend i would visit en femme because the car I bought was destroyed one hour after I purchased it by Esso's car wash.

A malfunction in the machine happened when my family was in the car halfway through, and the car I just bought was totaled. Best part, ever? Esso is avoiding liability, illegally refusing to provide their insurance information, and generally making a tragic financial mess of my even further.

I haven't felt sexy, not that it matters anymore. Here are some pics of how I could have been if I washed the car myself instead of paying Esso to break my car with my baby inside.


  1. Awww. Was wondering where you'd been lately (been missing ya on YIM.)
    As far as how things are there...well shit. The job and the partner are rough enough. Sad state of affairs when you can't even count on the damn car wash to not screw you over.

    Will be thinking of you and hoping things improve
    and with those pics will be having some dirty thoughts of you all soaped up if you don't mind.

    Hope things go better and that you'll be back online soon!

  2. Oh Mei! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with all that! I know that it can be exhausting to start a new job but it'll get easier after you worked there for a while.

    I hope nobody was hurt in the car wash! That Esso sounds terrible! Somebody should ship him overseas to work in a gentlemen's club in Thailand.

    Try to keep your head up Mei! Thing's will get better and you'll be well on your way to becoming the sex goddess you're meant to be!

    *hugs and kisses*


  3. awww that's no good Mei!
    But we will all keep a good thought for you and hope things get better soon. You need to feel sweet and sexy!


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