Monday, October 10, 2011


I was invited into a threesome. My friend and I were squealing about how her ex boyfriend wants to bang my ladyboy pie. He plans on fucking both of us but I really wonder if he will be up to the task. We are insatiable.

She is really excited to watch him fuck me, it seems. He is really excited to bang us but also to watch us make out and 69 while he fucks us.

I'm really excited to have both of us on our knees staring up at him as he loses himself and cums his strength away.

Will he have the stamina to last beyond the obsessive cock worship the pair of us will give him?


  1. Such a lucky man to enjoy your prime ladyboy tush! I don't know how any man could outlast your attentions, let alone you and a friend. I'm sure he'll be hooked on you in no time!

    Such lovely captions! I love Brenda's new devotion to turning bois and girls into cock hungry sluts!

    <3 Kyra

  2. Can't wait to hear all about it. Please don't spare a single juicy detail!

  3. Sounds luck you are going to have a fun time cant wait to hear all about it

  4. I haven't done it yet, but rest assured I will!


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